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Fans React On Twitter To The 1-1 Draw Between Manchester United And Arsenal, As Valencia Is Denied A Penalty

Olivier Giroud scored a late equalizer in the 89th minute of the game and earned Arsenal a narrowly escaped point. Juan Mata put the hosts in front in the 68th minute with a well composed finish. Both sides earned a point each but the actual talking point of the game was just before half time as Valencia was taken down in the box by Nacho Monreal.

The incident happened in the 35th minutes as Nacho Monreal and Antonio Valencia were battling for a ball that seemed to be out of reach of the Arsenal left-back but a tussle, between the two led to the Ecuadorian landing on the floor of the Arsenal penalty area.

Andre Marriner waved play on as Jose Mourinho seemed furious. Former United hero and legend Ryan Giggs believes that referee Andre Marriner got it wrong.

“It was a penalty, just,” Giggs told Sky Sports. “I shouted penalty at the time. “And even though I think it’s soft and Antonio goes down easily, it should’ve been given.”He goes past him; Monreal puts his arm out and stops him.”

Former Gunner and Arsenal hero Thierry Henry also added to the debate, revealing he agreed with his old enemy Giggs. “I agree, I think it was a penalty,” he added.

Manchester United manager, Mourinho thinks yes, I think no, various friends of mine believe yes. What do you think about the incident “penalty” or “no penalty”?

However, here are how the fans reacted on Twitter to the match and the whole incident:

About the incident,


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