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RB Leipzig: The Biggest Road-Block In Bayern Munich’s Path To Glory This Season

RB Leipzig has taken Bundesliga by storm this season, surprising everyone by sitting at top of the league ahead of Bayern Munich. Leipzig are one of the most hated clubs in Germany due to the resources they have. Leipzig’s much criticised boss Ralph Hasenhüttl joined them from Ingolstadt 04 just this year. Leipzig have won 10 games and lost just one out of 14 played. Just in this short while this season, they have scored staggering 29 goals while conceding just 12.

RB Leipzig, dubbed Germany’s Leicester City play a 4-2-2-2 formation which is a bit unusual and awkward formation for modern football as Wingers are not put in use.

Since they play a rigid 4-2-2-2 formation, they force their opponents to go wide instead of themselves using the wings from Midfield. Leipzig put 4 defenders in place like a classic team with 2 holding mid-fielders ahead of them.

None of the two Holding midfielders are afraid to drop down among centre-backs and snatch the ball taking it further. Demme usually remains deep acting more as a defender allowing others to flourish, while Keita can be somehow compared to Kante.

A total workhorse, who is just more attacking minded. Keita has managed to bag 4 goals and an assist in 13 games he played being a Holding Midfielder. Just ahead of them sit two most important players of Leipzig, Forsberg and Sabitzer.

Both of them are deemed as most creative players of the team and have been in a blistering form this season. Leipzig makes a shield over their defence covering most of the midfield very narrowly while giving opposition very few options in midfield. Due to this, their opposition is forced to play wide making mistakes in the process.


In no time after gaining possession, Leipzig charge forward with great calmness and physicality. Leipzig attack very calmly. They use passes in a narrow area to get forward, very intelligently leaving the wings empty. They have been fantastic at dribbling and stealing the ball from the opponent using physical strength hence, taking the ball forward is usually not a problem.

Werner and Poulsen are two strikers that Leipzig usually selects. Poulsen plays as a target man and remains upfront while Werner being a much creative and productive one. Poulsen is used for his movement, it creates space and provides room to other players. So just when Leipzig approach the box, and the defence is busy marking in just outside the box in the middle, full backs run into play upfront through wings to provide an extra support.

Not like normal wingers or full backs, these 2 players actually try to play vertically being much more productive than the usual. While this happens, Keita also runs forward to support the attack while Demme drops down to support the defence in case of counters.

Leipzig have scored 25 goals from inside the box playing high pressure game. With new fancy formation and tactics, they look to be a real deal in Bundesliga this term.

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