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Wow! How Bollywood Stars Would Look If They Replaced Our Favourite WWE Superstars

There is no doubt that many of the WWE superstars changed the way that we looked at professional wrestling as kids and through our teen ages, growing today into what we are. Their characters on screen will always be more or less what we remember them for now. However, many of the performers in the ring were not exactly similar to their actual nature in life and played a different type of persona, when they got in the four sided box.

Also, being a fan of Bollywood movies, we have idolized many actors down the line, who influenced our minds from a young age and the truth being said, we have tried to copy their styles and techniques to impress our friends and foes, as and when needed.

Relating the two diverging fields now, thanks to the internet, we can always say that some characters in both the entertainment industries could have certain similarities, based on which they could be related to each other.

Or well, maybe not. Maybe it is just times to have pure fun and forget everything we know or knew about the various entertainers that made our childhood better.

Here is a look at this impressive video made by a fan, which shows Bollywood stars morphed onto certain WWE superstars and how their entrances would look like, if the swap was actually ever possible. Take a look at the video below and have a laugh about it.

P.S. : Keep you brains aside for this one.

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