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Best News For Liverpool Fans, As Barcelona Gives This Update On The Coutinho Chase

Relief For Liverpool-

People who know FC Barcelona know them by their play-making game, deep passing and those defence piercing attacks that sink in from the midfield. The club has seen many specialists like Rivaldo, Cruyff, Mascherano, Fabregas, Xavi who made the game easy by their midfield dominance. This ancestry work is beautifully taken by Iniesta-Busquets dual. But even the legends head down to age and tiredness. Maybe that is one of the reasons why the midfield is struggling to get over the things to be done. Though the World Cup machinist for Spain Andre Iniesta had signed a life-time contract for this Catalan giant, there is something missing in the field which resulted in the recent failures of Barcelona.

Though this team is leading the La Liga from top this season so far but the previous season was a dull show for them. Still, inexperienced alternatives Roberto, Gomez, Denis Suarez and the departure of the star player Neymar is not doing the job so far.

Though Barca has signed Paulinho last time,  they were after the Liverpool star Philipe Coutinho. They tried to catch this Brazilian but failed all over the summer. He joined Liverpool in 2013 and scored 32 times in his 142 appearances for this club with 30 assists. So this star player is primarily the best choice to rescue the Barca midfield crisis.  Though the manager tagged him as ‘Not for sale’, The club has come to amount of £160m for him which is no near match to Barcelona.

According to the recent rumours, the Brazil international is willing to quit Anfield for Camp Nou but again a question mark arrived consisting the name: Neymar who is doing his utmost to convince his fellow compatriot for the PSG move.

In this onerous time of the Barca midfield issue, sources claims they are switching over Thiago Alcantara, who was in the Barcelona academy and went to German giants Bayern Munich in 2013.  Since then he had scored 11 times in 83 appearances. This 26-year-old Spanish Midfielder has represented his nation in every kind of World Cup games with iron determination.

He would be a perfect match in the midfield after Iniesta’s departure to football. Sources claimed he is also keen to leave the Allianz. Well, all we can is to watch where the ball travels until 2021 June when his contract with Munich will get over.

What Next For Klopp’s Side?

The whole Coutinho transfer saga has disrupted Klopp’s plans of making a positive start to the new campaign to an extent, though the majority of the blame should go to the lack of consistency and forgettable tactics at times. It will now help the Brazilian attacker focus on helping the Reds win more titles and not get distracted from his goal of playing for the Kops.

Hopefully, this can be a sign of positive things to follow, as the transfer saga has continued right through the summer and there were still claims of a potential move being completed in January. It seems now, that it shall not be the case anymore.

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