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3 Reasons Why The Game Between Liverpool And Chelsea Ended In A Draw

The game on Saturday between Liverpool and Chelsea at Anfield ended in a 1-1 draw eventually, which would have not been the best result that the two teams would have wanted prior to the start of the match. Mohamed Salah scored the goal for the hosts (yet again), while Willian equalized towards the end, in a game which saw both teams push for all three points, though two second half goals (one a piece) saw it end in a stalemate.

However, what went wrong in the match, which handed Manchester City an even bigger advantage prior to their game on Sunday?

Here are three reasons according to me, why the game ended in a draw-

1. Chelsea Dominated The First Half, Yet Did Not Score-

The visitors did dominate most of the proceedings in the first half and created some really good chances, which showcased the level of skill and confidence that some of the players in the Blues’ squad do possess. However, despite all that, they failed to make an impact in the final third and convert these chances into goals. The Merseyside outfit were mainly trying to counter-attack and were letting Conte’s push forward, though they were keeping hold of the possession otherwise.

However, the Londoners did not score despite the various chances for their multiple stars and this really hurt them when Liverpool finally took the lead in the second half. Had there been a first half game, the story of the match might have been totally different.

2. Liverpool Fell Back To Defend Deeper After They Scored-

Once the Reds had scored, they nearly stopped attacking and Daniel Sturridge was withdrawn from the pitch by Jurgen Klopp, who brought in Georginio Wijnaldum, a midfielder for a forward. This clearly showcased that the German manager was now trying to defend his one goal lead, rather than go for the kill and end the game with a second goal, that would more or less ensure a win for his team.

Not the best set of tactics that any coach should apply in a home game at least, though Klopp would have thought that his team would be able to hold on to their lead.

3. Willian’s Lucky Goal-

Despite the other two playing a huge part in the game ending in a draw, the main reason for it to actually happen was obviously the Willian goal, which seemed more like a cross instead of a shot. Even Mignolet would not have imagined that it would end up into the back of the net, though it did and he can’t be really blamed for it.

It was just a cross that ended by being the perfect shot on the night and it was next to impossible to save such a shot. At the end of the day, Conte’s change paid dividend and he got a point from the match.

Despite that, one thing is certain that both coaches would have wanted more from the game, though both goalies need to be given credit for keeping their teams alive. City were the main winners on the night, which saw Tottenham, Chelsea and Liverpool, all drop points yet again.


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