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Arsenal Fans Give Hate To This Star, Ask Wenger To Sell Him Immediately

The Fans And The Furious-

After a 3-1 loss to Manchester City on Sunday, Arsenal fans have been furious with the performance that their side showed at the Etihad Stadium in the Premier League. Chilean star Alexis Sanchez and German midfielder Mesut Ozil have come under the scrutiny of the Gunners’ fans and their expressiveness was seen on social media sites like Twitter.

There was a lot of speculation regarding the Sanchez and Ozil’s future at the North London club and it seems that the fans don’t want their star duo to remain at the Emirates stadium any longer than January.

Sanchez had probably his poorest outing on a football pitch ever when Arsenal traveled to Manchester on the weekend but his manager still defended him during the post-match interview claiming that the 28 year old lacked support in attack.

But the stats that proved the former Barcelona striker’s facts were horrifyingly true. In the opening 45 minutes of the game Sanchez was guilty of losing the ball 15 times and by the end of the game, he had completed just two passes more than City keeper Ederson.

Sanchez definitely did not seem his normal self as he was wasteful in possession and looked rather out of sorts being uninspired by his team-mates. Those are surely not the traits that we have heard of linked with Alexis Sanchez who was played in the centre-forward position in Sunday’s game.

There is no doubt about the quality that Sanchez possesses neither his work-rate but off late it seems that he wants a way out of the club despite Wenger and the fans pleading him to keep him till his contract expires in May.

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has constantly shown faith in Ozil despite many pundits and football fans claiming he is over-rated but is that really how someone can judge a player who has won the World Cup playing in the heart of midfield?

Arsenal does have a problem and decision they need to sort out as quickly as they can. Should they sell their star players to raise funds or keep them till their contracts are terminated unable to generate transfer fee’s.

The fans at Arsenal however are convinced that Sanchez should leave in the winter transfer window and not keep him against his will for the better of the club as a whole.

The Editor’s View- Actually The Right Time To Sell?

I honestly feel being a Gooner, that it is high time we let go of people who are not committed to the Arsenal cause, irrespective of the name that they carry with them. Had an Ozil or a Sanchez does the same thing at Real Madrid or Barcelona, they would have been straight away dropped to the bench and not would have not been played for a few games, till they sorted their attitude right.

We need to be that strict too or at least Wenger needs to have a word with them and tell them that if they wish to go, they can. However, till the time that they are at the Emirates, they need to be pull up their socks and start performing.

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