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Breaking: Is This The End For This Midfield Superstar At Arsenal?

So now it is clear why he was absent that night. Francis Coquelin’s surprising absence in a humiliating defeat to Nottingham Forest yesterday in the FA Cup was nothing but just a tactical decision by Arsene Wenger. News from the Emirates states that Arsenal is all set to sell the French midfielder in the transfer window this month.

This is going to be a move that seemingly makes sense for both the player and the club. He was a regular starter for almost the last three seasons, but Arsenal fans witnessed Coquelin’s playing time drop sharply this year.

His only start in the Premier League came last November when he was what?

A centre-back?

He was forced to play not in his natural position, in the 3-1 loss to Manchester City.

Though the French international has signed a long-term contract extension almost a year ago exactly, the way his role has been diminished at Emirates is not acceptable for any player.

Though it seems that Arsenal is not too bothered regarding his departure. As nearly every Arsenal fan may tell you, Coquelin is not good enough to be a starter for this team every week in the Premier League.

Coquelin is maybe Arsenal’s most defensive-minded midfielder. People may say he’s simply not as skilled as the club’s other options, and it’s not like his presence will turn Arsenal into a strong defensive unit. But is that so? Does he deserve so much ignorance?
As Wenger pointed out ahead of the Nottingham Forest match, saying, “Life has been a bit unfair to him, it’s true. I think that’s down a little bit also to the change of system in many games.”

According to some fans on twitter,

“No need to sell just give him away for free in fact even pay West ham if you have to.”

where some were trying to be sarcastic,

“shame I can only like this tweet once!”

Coquelin has consistently pulled the chariot of Arsenal fans in the last few years, and while he loses the regular spot in the squad, the question mark should be pointed at Wenger. It’s not Coquelin’s fault he kept getting picked, or that Wenger couldn’t produce a better option. However, Wenger and Arsenal are finally ready to move on for good.

On the good side of this midfielder’s fortune, Hammers’ boss David Moyes showed interest on this 26-year-old to beef up his squad. There have also been interests flying in for Coquelin from France but West Ham appears to be leading the chase.
Arsenal will  demand around £10m for him who still has three and a half years left on his contract at Emirates.

If the Coquelin transfer gets its result, that will be enjoyed by Stoke and Newcastle fans too. According to reports, West Ham was keen on trying to sign Stoke’s Joe Allen or Newcastle’s Jonjo Shelvey this January. The update on Coquelin suggests that those players will stay with their current sides this window.

Arsenal will face Chelsea next in the big match of League Cup Semi Final. After the humiliation of FA Cup, the Gunners would be desperate to get a win to reach the final of the tournament.

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