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“Thank God, He Is Retiring”, Arsenal Star Totally Outplayed Which Let The Team Down

Is this the initiation of saying ‘Good-byes’ for the Gunners? What the City Ground witnessed today in the FA Cup 3rd Round Match, two great personalities of Arsenal would have been now at gunpoint. One is the veteran coach himself, Arsene Wenger and the other one is the German defender Per Mertesacker.

Arsenal today faced a shameful defeat against Nottingham Forest, where they conceded 4 goals including 2 penalties.Lichaj gave Forest the lead with a close-range header before Per Mertesacker brought Arsenal back on level terms. But again the Lichaj’s sumptuous volley just before half-time put Forest back into the lead.

Then Ben Brereton and Kieran Dowell  both scored from the penalty spot either side of a Danny Welbeck strike to inflict a humbling defeat on the Premier League side.

Wenger was not on the bench due to sideline ban, but what happened to Özil, Sanchez and Lacazette? Are they still on Christmas holidays? Or Wenger thought Forest would be too easy to hunt down?You have a lot to explain, Wenger!

The FA Cup holders were out of the game from the beginning. The defence was weak and fragile. The captain himself looked tired in the deep. Though his equaliser brought some hope for the Gunners but what was he doing along with Holding in that centre back position?With all his experiences of his lifetime, can’t he even stop an 18-year-old teenage forward?


Brereton was fast and quick in his movement. Whenever he got a little chance, he was getting past the defensive line quite easily. It seemed like, he already knew where Mertesacker would fold and he did just the opposite! Some brilliant moves came from the teenage forward throughout the match from the beginning.

The fear at Arsenal defense began at 6th min, when Brereton passed through the German quite easily, off the shoulder of Mertesacker.Brereton shooted from wide, though Ospina was there to save the shoot.Forest was looking to give the ball straight up to Brereton at all opportunities.

Another great move was there at 32nd min when that little boy cut inside and went around Mertesacker before hitting a low effort with an angle against him.It would probably have found the bottom corner, if Ospina was not there at right moment.And can you even forget that moment just after the break! He raced ahead and left Mertesacker eating dust. Damn!


You may be wondering why I am picking some particular moves to overrate that teenage forward! But can you find a name common in all the moves apart from Brereton?

Yes, it’s Mertesacker!

It’s okay to have a bad game! But how much worse should one have to be considered as a part of the game!

It’s clear, he is ageing! He is 33 and looking 5 years older! He may be suffering from any illness or he needs rest! Or maybe a retirement?

What will he prefer?

I don’t know what is wrong with him neither with Wenger, but this Arsenal needs to be resurrected!


Arsenal is a club of history and prestige. Great players have been there and many greats will be. 13 times Premier League winners never won at least one in a decade! And still, you are expecting people should be around them in tough times? How much more should they stick to be called ‘loyal’?

Arsenal needs to start fresh. They have got the potential. They have got the support. All they need a new technique and a bit of luck!

Do they need a new coach to resurrect them? – Well time will tell this answer to us.

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