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Chelsea Player Makes Huge Premier League Prediction For Upcoming Season

The midfielder is the brightest ace present in the pack of cards currently playing for the Stamford Bridge army. He is versatile and dribbles even better than Messi sometimes. Eden Hazard along with N’Golo Kante were the major factor why Chelsea got back the Premier League title in the previous season after 14/15 one. This season may seems a tough one for the Blues, but one should notice their tough schedules and fixtures. Chelsea played in Champions League this season and FA cup is still in their hand.

The man who is rumoured to leave Bridge after linking with sensational offer from Madrid and fall out with the manager is the best option for the Blues to comeback in the next season. Eden Hazard who has sixteen goals and six assists this season may like to continue his journey with the Blues next season too according to the sources.


Chelsea are in fifth position currently, ten points off the 4th positioned Tottenham. Antonio Conte’s side stormed to the title last time but struggled to get their way back this season, having only FA Cup as their hope of silverware. After the sensational comeback against Southampton, the Chelsea star vowed to make amends that Chelsea will be back in its old form next term.


He said to a famous news channel that it’s not good because Chelsea wants to play in Champions League every year and added so they try to give everything to play the best way they can finish in the top four. Hazard is clear about their visions like he said that if Chelsea fails to finish in top four, they will play to grab the Premier League only in the next season.

Hazard never liked his personal statistics. He is team man and wants to win for his team. Like he said that it’s better for him to play very bad but at the end of the game Chelsea win 1-0. He added that he doesn’t like stats, he plays for a long time, so he is on the pitch to enjoy.

All knows about his qualities of assists. Hazard is a complete winger, just like the one Madrid needs in the left flank. He also expressed his views that if he can score, he will. If he can assist, he will. He just want to be happy on the pitch, and when you are winning you are happy, and when you are not winning you are not happy.


It seems Southampton match really worked like fuel to stimulate the team’s spirit. It was a breathtaking experience though. Chelsea were 2-0 down up to 60 minutes, when France international Giroud came and twisted the plot with his header in a span of 10 minutes. Giroud grabbed the applause whilst Hazard scored to push his side through a 3-2 comeback. After the match what Giroud said was really inspiring and fascinating. He said that the most important thing is never give up, believe in our quality, play our game and he is proud of what they have done with their amazing support.

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