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Breaking: Conte Might Actually Be Replaced By This Manager Soon?

Chelsea are at fifth, five points below the Spurs and the only light left for them in this season is the FA Cup final. The Premier League winners of the last season gave no competitions whatsoever to defend their title. They went somewhat unlucky, but Chelsea looked without any plan B in the time crisis in the field. Antonio Conte has got class and one bad season won’t prove his all glory fade, but maybe Chelsea will crave out for some alternatives this term. One has many points to criticise the Italian manager as his strategy completely failed this time. His signature ‘false nine’ has fallen terribly where his choice of players proved him wrong at the crucial time.

Chelsea made Diego Costa go at the initiation of the season and brought in Bakayoko. The absence of the striking power of Costa and sloppy play work of Bakayoko caused them fatal and it may be the last season of Conte at Stamford Bridge.

Chelsea are already after the search of any potential replacement of Conte and it is reported that the Huddersfield manager David Wagner is up to the list to join the London club for the next term.

The Terriers boss is on target for the blues to replace the Italian manager. The German manager has steered Huddersfield to the top flight for the first time in 45 years. He is progressive in nature and seems to have enough potential to manage at a higher level.

As his side’s position is still not safe in Premier League, the 46-year-old German has expressed his determination that his only focus for now is Huddersfield’s qualification. Though he will discuss his future with the club chairman once the current season is finished.

He said that he wants to achieve Premier League safety first, then he will talk to owner Dean Hoyle and then maybe he will look at what options are still there. He described his loyalty for his side and added that he will talk over every decision with the owners of their (Huddersfield) team, they have experienced a lot of memorable moments together and they respect and support each other.

It only reflects his strong companionship and feelings for his side. He also told that he will always be like this – the first and last conversation he had will be with the owner, he owes it to the club.

The German manager also explained that he did the same way last year, first reaching the big goal and then sitting down at one table, he has a great relationship and will talk about the future in peace.

Just like other German managers, he showed the loyalty and determination for his side he has got. His primary focus is only of Huddersfield for now. He doesn’t want to think anything else for now.

It would be so fascinating for the Blues to have such a team man as their manager ahead of the next season, but will he leave the club which has made so adorable by his own hands, that’s remains a question.


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