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Poll Of The Day: You Won’t Believe Which Is The Most Loved Of These European Clubs

There are a lot of premium or top clubs in Europe that compete for multiple trophies season after season, one better than the other. These clubs have given us some of the best games in the history of the sport and there is no denying that at present, European football is the most watched all across the globe. Whether it is the money, the glamour or the fame involved with it, these European clubs have changed the face of the game as we know it.

From the PRemier League, to the La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, La Liga and many more, there is a lot of talent in these clubs and they make dreams for many young aspiring players, who have gone on to become legends over the years.

As we head toward the completing of our “two year” journey, Beyond The Posts would like to conduct a small poll. This poll will not just determine how active the fanbase is on social media, but also give us an idea of the viewership that we get.

Do i really need to mention the pride factor to add to that, as we are trying to see which fans are the most passionate for their club and will take that extra minute to open the article and vote for their favourite.

As mentioned earlier, it is not about which club is the best, as all clubs have seen their ups and downs and have been champions at some point of time. The thing that matters is that football has grown as a sport and is still evolving for the better.

Like the VAR at the World Cup that was used for the very first time and had some of the players in rants against it, as they did not agree to the decisions that were changed. It did hurt some of their aspirations, but how can a referee make an error when he or she has the luxury of multiple replays with zoom.

Such changes and developments will be made over the years, it is a belief, but for now which club has the moving fans is the call of the day. So finally, we as a brand can proudly say that our viewership has the most fans from the club which wins this poll.

The voting will surely come in as a lot of fans will be willing to push their club across the victory line, but just for fun, let’s not keep a deadline date for it. Let’s make this poll more fun and keep a no-time limit. Every fans that votes and joins in will be eligible to express his or her opinion.

Just like we saw that many of the Real Madrid fans and fan-pages turned to Juventus with the transfer of their beloved Cristiano Ronaldo. Who knows, a lot of Eden Hazard fans might switch over to Real Madrid if he leaves. Anything is possible in the world of football and no one really knows which club will win this mini-contest and it is time to see which of these European clubs wins.

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