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The Truth About Anthony Martial’s Future At Manchester United, His Relationship With Mourinho And Why He Opted To Stay

Manchester United had quite a lot silent transfer window in the Summer and the Premier League side struggling to perform as it is expected from them. The Portuguese manager is rumoured to get frustrated by both the performance of the team and the United management as well. Mourinho has gone open about his discomfort and disgust to the managing board these days and he is still mourning over United executive vice-chairman Woodward. He is being upset  for his failure to land the summer transfer targets he identified months ago. The former Chelsea manager is entering into the third year of his reign at Old Trafford and he feels that Woodward has never given him chances to challenge the Champion Manchester City by not going for another centre back. Sources are saying that the manager had privately expressed his feelings that “any other job at any other club and I would have quit”.

Mourinho is determined to bring in success at United and was handed a vote of confidence by Woodward last January. He signed a new two-year contract extension too then, amid heightened speculation over his future.

Though Woodward’s behaviour towards signing Leicester’s Harry Maguire and Tottenham’s Toby Alderweireld made Mourinho disappointed. United needed strong men back in defence and Harry Maguire or Toby Alderweireld would have been a great option for the Red Devils. This time the transfer move of Anthony Martial is the talk of the town.

Martial is being linked with a move away from Manchester United as his agent Philippe Lamboley has already revealed he wanted out. Chelsea and Tottenham are the two clubs who reportedly interested in signing him. Though the transfer window is now closed for Premier League clubs and they must wait until the Winter. Nicol was asked whether he thinks Martial will be on his way out or not and he said that its a NO.

He also said that Martial will be looking at what’s going on at Man United and what’s going on with Mourinho. He also believes that he will hold fire. Whether Mourinho seems no convinced about the winger. As he told earlier that he would like to be in Los Angeles now and he is in San Jose. Which means that you cannot do whatever you want in life.

He added that he would love to arrive in Los Angeles, to train in Los Angeles and play all his five matches in Los Angeles, and they don’t travel, don’t change hotel and then go back to Manchester. He mocked the situation by telling that he would like to play against Leicester on Sunday but he has to play on Friday, so you don’t get always in life what you want.

The forward has started his new season against Brighton which was a 3-2 loss and was substituted after 60 minutes. He has 36 goals for United in 137 appearances. Manchester United will face the Spurs in the third game week of league where Martial may get the start along with Romelu Lukaku. Let see how it works out for the Red Devils.


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