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Mesut Ozil: The Artist On The Football Field; Is He Lost For Good Or Does Arsenal Still Have Hope?

The Mesut Ozil Story- Football is an art. Art is a conceptual idea of expressing skills and technical ideas. Art is an interpretation and creative way to explore philosophy. Art is the way of expressing oneself. The nature of art is one of the elusive and traditional forms of human culture. Art is used for expressing and communicating human ideas. Art includes the mind of idea creativity. Art is another form of creation of magic.

The Mesut Ozil Saga And How It Is Going At Present?

Similarly, Ozil is the pure form of ‘Artistic Footballer’. In football, the word ‘Art’ means the way of expressing and creating ideas in the field. In spite of his retirement from the National team, Ozil still remains one of the most artistic and creative footballers in the world.

Mesut Ozil is pure magic with his feet, the one who can create chances from nowhere in spite of being called “Lazy”. Does anybody remember his performance against Bayern Munich when he was at Bremen? He literally destroyed Bayern Munich with his beautiful and elegant unique one-touch football, where Bremen defeated Bayern Munich by a 5-2 score-line.

Image result for ozil yellow hairAt Real Madrid, he literally played one of the most beautiful and elegant football. His partnership with Benzema, Kaka, Ronaldo, Modric was one of the treats to watch. He tricked the entire defence with his perfect one-on-one and destroyed many good defences in La Liga with his elegant passing. He was basically a magical creator for Ronaldo and Benzema where one chance and “booommmm”. His statistic speaks what a beautiful, technical and creative footballer he is. Ozil is an artist with the ball with an incredible eye-catching style of play. The way he paints football with his feet, very few can actually do.

In Premier League with Arsenal, Ozil has delivered around 54 Assists and scored 27 goals in 142 games. As I express his statistics speaks on the field. He may not be the fastest footballer in the world but his presence is always felt on the field in spite of being called “Lazy ass”. Joachim Löw, Arsene Wenger, Jose Mourinho; his managers always think high about his football. Jose Mourinho even called Ozil a “unique footballer across the world”. During his time at Real Madrid, Mesut Ozil has scored 19 goals and made 55 assists in 105 matches.

What Next For The Gunners’ Talisman?

Throughout his career, Ozil has always been criticized for his Laziness and body language when he goes through a weaker match or bad patches. In spite of his criticism, he loves to deliver solid performance in the field.

Does anybody remember his goal against Ludogorets Razgrad in the Champions League? That was one of the most beautiful and artistic goals Ozil has ever scored in an Arsenal jersey. Ozil lops the ball in full swing over the goalkeeper, then gets past two opponents and finds the back of the net. That is one of the best elegance champions League goals the world has ever seen.

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When Arsenal play to their strength Ozil has always been an ‘Asset’ for the team. His small little beautiful moves have been crucial for the team. Ozil has been awarded as Germany’s player of the year 5 times. Ozil also played a key figure in Germany’s World Cup triumph in Brazil. His versatility and creativity have always been up to the mark.

I admit I only see just how amazing he is when I am re-watching the games and footage. In real-time, he is so subtle and fast, it goes right by me.

“Usually he is a guy who, 99 percent of the time in this position, controls the ball and gives it to somebody else,” Arsene Wenger.

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