Big Boss Update: The Real Reason Why Arhaan Khan Was Evicted From The House; Here’s Why?

The current season of Big Boss, it’s thirteenth, has been a high flyer since the very beginning. The battle lines within the house have been drawn for quite some time now and the see-saw of emotions has taken its toll on almost every contestant. There isn’t a single contestant who hasn’t fought with another, during their time in the house, though the atmosphere has now improved slightly.

However, how one controls the anger and aggression, totally depends on their personality. Sidharth Shukla was really aggressive at the start of the season but is now looking better. Paras Chhabra too has gone rather quiet. Asim Riaz has rather taken charge now and is the most aggressive contestant in the house.

Despite the ups and downs, one contestant who was recently a shocking eviction was Arhaan Khan (Mazhar Shaikh). The angry young man of the house, made a smoking entry into the show and look good in his first week.

He was doing well and performing in the tasks as well. With that being said, it was the return of Rashmi Desa to the Big Boss house that saw him get eliminated. Here are three reasons why Arhaan was evicted from the house in just a couple of weeks-

3. Cooled Down In Just One Week

The dynamic star that made his entry in the first week (when he entered the house), cooled down rather quickly. Since the return of Rashmi, he was very monotonous and quiet. He was letting her take most of the spotlight while fading away at times. Their gameplay was barely visible and they were busier in talking with each other and spending personal time.

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This made no sense and Arhaan forgot that he was there to play a game and not romance Rashmi. One reason could be the fact that Rashmi was not well and he was busy in taking care of her, but then, this is what cost Arhaan his place in the house.

2. Arhaan Wasn’t Being Himself And The Other Contestants Felt It

Upon his eviction, many contestants discussed the fact that they felt that Arhaan wasn’t being himself. He was trying to be someone else and showcase qualities that may not actually be part of his actual nature. Keeping that in mind, the other contestants felt that the eviction was right and this was possibly the reason as well.

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Since exiting the house, Arhaan has been determined to go back in, in order to propose Rashmi. Well, it seems that the only reason he was in the house in the first place was to make the love-angle happen.

1. Impact On Rashmi’s Game

Though ill-health was also one of the reasons for this, it is also true that Arhaan was distracting Rashmi from playing her natural game. She is one of the strongest contenders on the show and the fact that he was holding her back and distracting her, would not have been liked by the fans and the creators of the show.

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The rather quiet mode of both these stars saw them being lost in the romance and away from the game. Due to this, the audience would have also wanted Arhaan out and that is exactly what they did. Let’s see how things develop now, with his exit.

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