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Bray Wyatt Reveals New WWE Universal Championship Design For The Fiend

Bray Wyatt and WWE were teasing a new face for Firefly Funhouse House throughout the week in their social media. Fans were speculating who could it be and what would mean for Wyatt’s character moving forward. The Universal champion already has a bunch of characters in the form of puppets in his Firefly Funhouse including Huskus the Pig Boy, Abby the Witch, Mercy the Buzzard, Rambling Rabbit, and Vince McMahon. The newest addition would have been the sixth member.

Crushing those hopes, Wyatt unveiled the new Universal championship design for The Fiend instead. He thinks that if he has a toy to play with, then The Fiend deserves one too.

The design looks incredibly creepy and disturbing just like the lantern The Fiend uses during his entrance, which fits perfectly well with his character.

Yesterday’s Thanksgiving special episode of SmackDown was Bray Wyatt centric. He had three Firefly Funhouse Segments and an in-ring (or under-ring) appearance at the end to close the show. During one such Firefly segment, Bray Wyatt revealed that he wants to compete against Daniel Bryan once again. During their match at Survivor Series, The Fiend beat Daniel Bryan clean. So, fans thought that their rivalry was done and The champion would move on to his next opponent.

Wyatt revealed that he loved his altercation with Daniel Bryan and issued him another challenge for the belt. It is refreshing to see the champion going after the challenger rather than the other way around because the people are too scared to seek Bray Wyatt. The Universal Championship match at Survivor Series was the best The Fiend match until now, so we might see another banger between him and Bryan, perhaps at TLC.

Even though The Fiend is doing most of the heavy lifting with the build-up to this match with his Firefly segments, this feud seems to be more about Bryan and Miz as Wyatt constantly keep reminding Bryan that he is going to be a changed man. At the end of yesterday’s episode, The Fiend pulled Bryan under the ring to end the show in a cliff-hanger. So, we might see a change in Bryan’s character as well.

Bray Wyatt made his return after WrestleMania 35 to a completely new character. At first, people had their reservations that it is going to be another spooky character with no direction, but those perceptions quickly changed once Firefly Funhouse segments rolled-in.

He got a very loud reception when he attacked Finn Balor to set up a match between them at SummerSlam, where he beat him quite easily. Then he set his attention on Universal Champion, Seth Rollins. The duo then had a match at Hell in a Cell for the belt, which controversially ended in a no contest.

This resulted in a huge social media backlash, which forced the company to put the belt on The Fiend at Saudi Arabia’s Crown Jewel. His match against Daniel Bryan at Survivor Series was his first title defence. The Fiend is going strong at the moment and judging by his current situation, he is going to hold on to the belt for a long time.


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