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Sergio Ramos- A Real Madrid Legend And A Special Character On The Field

The Extraordinary Legacy Of Sergio Ramos- “If you do not live, eat, breathe, football, then you are not a true football player. You just wear the jersey.” When someone thinks like this, then how football can be cruel with that someone? Indeed football loves this Spanish giant as very few have been before! The game of football has given everything back to its spiritual son.

No one can forget the UCL final 2014 in Lisbon. The La Liga giants were trailing by a score-line of 1-0. The camera-men were focusing on the Madrid dugout and Florentino Perez who was very much worried. The injury time of three minutes was ticking out. When the disappointed Madrid dugout was praying for a miracle, Los Blancos got a corner in the last minute. Luka Modric went to take it and…

Cristiano Ronaldo failed to make an impact and deliver that day on his home soil. It was the jumping number 4 of Real Madrid, placing a brilliant header with power and taking Real back into the level terms happened. Later Real went on to win their very much desired “La Décima”. We love to live in moments and that moment was the something we live for. It will be with every Madridisatas for life long!

Sergio Ramos

Ramos, Sergio Ramos – the gladiator and the leader of the Los Blancos. He led the club to three back to back UCLs (as the only captain) and led them to a La Liga after five years of drought.


The three most vital attributes keeping the Spaniard above others are his leadership, athleticism and technical prowess. Combined with the ability to excel both offensively and defensively, he becomes a real asset. Along with that his tactical versatility allows him to be deployed as a centre-back and as a full-back too. The kind of player you can place your bets on, to do anything to secure his side’s success. He wears his heart on his sleeves, every time he goes out to play for his side.

Not many defenders get praised for such decisive performances in clutch games. Rare are the players that make such an impact in both their own D-box and in the opposition’s D-box. Due to his tendency to score important goals, he is considered as the most reliable performer for Real Madrid. Not just the football fanatics but also the pundits over the globe admire his ability to defend and to turn matches by scoring goals, which he has shown for Real Madrid for the last 15 years.

Sergio Ramos first player in 42 years to lead his side to 3 UCL ...

What Next For Ramos?

Yes, 15 long years and for us Madridistas? It was just a privilege to have him at our back. In every match Real Madrid go to play, we know that there is someone who is always ready to give his heart for us!

The month of March surely belongs to Mr. 92:48! The 30th of March is lucky to have the World’s Highest Goalscoring CB of 21st Century’s birthday in its vault. The only captain of 21st century to lift the UCL for back-to-back three times and a FIFA Club World Cup, a couple of times back-to-back!

Sergio Ramos is 34 and still going strong. Though he may not be the best in the business anymore, he is right there at the top. He legacy has been established and it is untouchable in many ways. Stay healthy, blessed and keep demolishing the oppositions!


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