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Suresh Raina Lashes Out At The Selectors For This Reason

In a recent Instagram live session, veteran all-rounder, Suresh Raina has raised an important issue. He has openly said that there is a huge communication gap between the selectors and the senior players. Suresh Raina last featured in India colours against England in 2018. He has now revealed that the selectors did not give him a proper explanation or reason for dropping him from the national team.

Raina has been out of the Indian Team for a long time now. He suffered a knee injury in 2019 which halted his come back. He had a surgery in 2019 which further reduced his chances of making it back to the national team.

Suresh Raina has been trying hard to get back into the Indian team. While working hard for that, he has said that the selectors are inefficient in having proper communication with the senior players. Raina feels that every player works hard to play for the national team. So, the selectors must make them realise why they have been left out of the team. They should have a proper reason and explanation about it.

Suresh Raina feels that there is a communication gap between the selectors and the senior players

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In a recent interview with FanCode, Suresh Raina spoke about the relationship between the selectors and the players. Raina said that the senior players in the dressing room supported him a lot. He also feels that there have been many good selectors in the past like Dilip Vengsarkar and Kiran More. They used to have good communication with both the junior and the senior players. Raina even added that he prefers the selectors directly pointing out the problem on his face.

“I feel somewhere communication should have happened, I have been saying that. Senior players have supported me, the selector is not in my hands. There have been many great selectors, Dilip Vengsarkar supported the players, Kiran More sir, there were many good selectors who used to communicate with players, be it a junior or senior,” Raina revealed.

“A selector has a right to tell face to face, I would prefer that because I have learnt it from my father and MS Dhoni. You say it on my face, if there is a problem, I will solve it,” he said.

Raina lashed out at the professionalism of the selectors

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Raina also lamented his absence and lack of chances in the Indian Team currently. He said that he has no problems with any player but his main problem is with the professionalism of the selectors. He feels that a player deserves to get the answers to his question if he gives so much for the country.

Virat told me to improve my fitness, I did it, that is why he made me play. Rohit always knew my talent. I do not have any problem with any player, but as a selector, they should be more professional. I am not targetting anyone, I am just saying that sometimes you give so much to the country, you work so hard, stay away from the family, I personally think we should get answers to these questions,” Raina said.

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