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Watch: ICC To Investigate Extra-Fielder During England Vs Sri Lanka Test Match

The England versus Sri Lanka Test match has caught the attention of a lot of Pundits and cricket fans for various reasons. The match has seen its ups and downs and the two teams to be fighting for a win. So far, things looked evenly balanced and the tide could turn in either team’s favour. With that being said, a funny incident happened recently and the ICC had to respond to it as well.

England took hold of the game on day four of the match, after a good evenly contested three days. The game taking place at the Galle International Cricket Stadium was slowly slipping out of the grasp of the home team.

What Was The Incident That Caught The Attention Of The Fans And Social Media?

Well, not everything that is cricket always gets attention. This time it was something else that took everyone by surprise. A lizard slowly slipped into the ground and this was caught on tape.

Below is the video of the incident that caught everyone’s attention and became the talk of the town-

It was rather funny and everyone had a slight laugh. They were focused on more serious things on the pitch but a little fun never hurt anyone. With that being said, it was all up to Twitter and other Social Media platforms to make this video go viral.

With that happening, the ICC also decided to join in on the fun. They also sent out a Tweet which read as-

Good to see such responses that make the fans happy from time-to-time. Something to distract them from all the serious sledging and more.

Well, despite the “so-called” additional fielder, the game is England’s to lose at present. They have taken the advantage with some good aggressive bowling, to which the Sri Lankan batsman had no answer.

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What Next In This Match; Who Should Win The Game?

Initially it felt as if the game would be a boring draw. However, that has totally changed now, with England being so good in the first half of the second innings. They got the Sri Lankan team back in the pavilion just for 126 runs. The target that they are chasing is just 164.

It was a sudden surprise after the English could not take a lead in the first innings. The total set up by Sri Lanka was a high 381. The visitors could not match it at that point in time. However, they have now turned the tide around.

It will be a real surprise if England loses this game from there. It has all but a win for the visitors written all over it. With that being said, the incident about the lizard and the funny repercussions will surely be remembered. Good to see the ICC also joining in on the fun from time-to-time. We at Beyond The Posts wish both teams the very best. Let’s see which team wins now!!


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