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Watch: Another Crazy Cricket Video Goes Viral; As Fielder Let Boundary Go After Putting On Shirt

Just when you thought that you had seen everything, a new cricket video just shows up. Another funny video that goes viral. This time it was from the T10 League that is taking place in Abu Dhabi. It was just a funny video that went viral on Social Media. Rohan Mustafa was the player in the video, who had a really funny moment.

The video would have gotten him a lot of attention, to say the least. He has now become the talk of the town. It reminded us of “Gully Cricket” and the way things work in such matches. It clearly did not seem like a serious professional match, when this moment happened. Due to this, everyone had a real laugh at this instance.

Abu Dhabi T10: Absurd Moment When Fielder Changing Jersey Fails To Stop Boundary. Watch | Cricket News : IGN 24

The Cricket Video Of Rohan Mustafa That Went Viral On Social Media

It was just a really funny video that started doing the rounds recently. Everyone was laughing at the end of the day and Social Media once again did its thing. The shares kept coming and the world had seen it before we knew it. What was the reason? It was just something that never seems to happen in professional cricket. However, this time it just did!!

In this video, Rohan Mustafa was just putting on his shirt. At the same time, a ball was hit to the boundary. Unfortunately, the fielder was in no position to stop it and let it go for four.

This brought about a lot of smiles from the players of the rival team. Not just that, it did the same for the cricketing fans as well. This was one funny cricket video. Below is the link to the video-


It was yet another case of a player doing something funny and the video going viral. This is not the first time that this has happened. Every time something like this happens, Social Media shares it around.

What Next For IPL And Cricket In Particular?

A lot of good tournaments are coming up in the upcoming months. This includes the India vs England series, followed by the PSL and the IPL. These tournaments will get the audiences buzzing and the fans must be eager for the competitions to start.

The auction of the upcoming IPL tournament, IPL 2021, will be held on the 18th of February. That will be the time when the players will be reassigned to various teams. The franchises will be planning long-term, as from next year, the total number of teams in the tournament will be ten.

With that being said, things could get interesting for players across the globe. Also, the maximum number of foreign players in a particular team could be changed to five. That could surely be a game-changer if that happens. It would add to the entertainment quotient of the competition. That is, exactly what the fans will be hoping to get from the upcoming months of cricket.


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