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Watch: Ben Stokes Called Out By Twitter For Unethical Catch Call

The Indian fans were just not happy with Ben Stokes on day 1 of the pink-ball Test. That was because of the catch that he took to dismiss Shubman Gill. He was not too sure whether he had taken the catch or not. However, Team England did appeal for it. They looked rather desperate for a wicket after failing to score too many runs.

On the first day of the third Test match, Team England tried to score some big runs. However, that was not really the case. They were dismissed for a mediocre 112 in 48.4 overs. This was something that Joe Root and co. would have not been happy with.

The Video Of Ben Stokes That Went Viral And The Fans Called Him Out?

The fans were really displeased watching this appeal. That was because of the fact that Ben Stokes took a catch that hit the ground. This did not go down with the fans with the IPL coming. Ben Stokes has been known to be one of the more-fairer cricketers. Despite that, this tempted the fans to react on Social Media platforms, especially Twitter.

Below is the video of the catch that went viral. It started off a rift amongst the fans online and they were not happy with what had happened-


Team India has an advantage in the game. That is why England was desperate for a wicket. However, when Ben Stokes tried to claim this catch, things went a bit out of hand. The fans reacted on Social Media platforms like Twitter to call him out.

What Was The Reason Why The Fans Were Not Happy With The Rajasthan Royals Man?

The Rajasthan Royals team is known for its honest play. That is the main reason why they let go of Steve Smith, who was their skipper in the last term. They are keen on maintaining their positive image, which is a long-term goal. The IPL next season will have ten teams instead of eight.

That is why his base-price did not go up by a lot. He was eventually purchased by the Delhi Capitals, who are keen on winning an IPL title. Ben Stokes would not want to get into the bad books of the fans. Any player that plays in IPL 2020, would know that they need to maintain a level of discipline in the series that they play against Team India.

Revealed - THIS is the date Ben Stokes will be available for Rajasthan Royal in IPL 2020

Ben Stokes would know that as well. This could be a warning sign for him, as he looks to win the support of the fans. Another thing to remember is that the T20 World Cup will be held in India this year. Let’s hope that Ben Stokes does not mess things up for himself.

What Next For England All-Rounder Ben Stokes And IPL 2021?

It will be up to the players to not go against the Indian fans. They know that one of the reasons that they are in India this time is because the T20 World Cup is in India. It becomes important to maintain some level of discipline.

Let’s hope that Ben Stokes and co. remember that. They need to focus on the right things in cricket and perform as well. Let’s wait and watch what happens now.


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