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Suryakumar Yadav Gave Cheeky Reply To Sanjana Ganeshan During IPL 2020; Fans Now Know Why

An old conversation from the IPL 2020 season has now made more sense than it did before. This was shared previously on Twitter and the fans could not understand why. Now, things are making way more sense. People have understood what an old comment that seemed rather cheeky by Suryakumar Yadav for Sanjana Ganeshan, now makes a lot more sense.

The fans at that point in time were confused as to what SuryaKumar Yadav meant. However, with Jaspreet Bumrah and Sanjana’s relationship news now popping up, it is way more clearer.

The Story Involving Suryakumar Yadav And Sanjana Ganeshan During IPL 2020

There was a post put up by the Kolkata Knight Riders during the IPL 2020 season. It was related to the latest merchandise that they were selling. The post was put up on Twitter and the fans were really excited about it. The model during the shoot was none other than Sanjana Ganeshan.

Below is the post by KKR that was sent out on Twitter-

Now, when Sanjana Ganeshan sent out a Tweet about the IPL happening in a couple of days, Suryakumar Yadav couldn’t help but comment on the post. He sent out a reply asking a totally different kind of question. It was about which team was the model supporting? Her brand or her love-brand? We mean the lover’s brand!!

Here was the comment-

Well, Sanjana had a funny reply too-

Another Post By Sanjana Ganeshan That Got The Fans Talking-

Sanjana Ganeshan seems to be focused on her man and couldn’t help but respond to a Tweet. The Tweet that was sent out by ESPNcricinfo got some attention too. That was more fun for the Twitteratti, who love such stuff.

The post that was highlighted is below-

Well, such things online catch the attention of the fans a lot. They are active on Social Media just to talk and gossip and have fun. Ahead of the IPL 2021, we clearly know now on whose side Sanjana Ganeshan is on now. We leave it for you guys, the fans to interpret that.

For now, Jaspreet Bumrah and Suryakumar Yadav will be focused on the upcoming edition of the IPL. The IPL 2021 tournament is quite crucial. The Mumbai Indians have already retained their title once. They will want to keep hold of it yet again. That is, making it a third title in a row.

The next season of the competition will feature ten teams. Also, Suryakumar Yadav will want to deliver in the upcoming T20 series. He will want to make it to the T20 World Cup squad, for later this year. Let’s wait and watch if that actually happens now or not!!


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