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Watch: Rohit Sharma Caught Eating On Camera During Second T20I

There have been a lot of trolls for Rohit Sharma with regards to his weight. He is not the lightest player in the team and his fitness has been a concern. The fans have wanted him to lose weight and become fitter than ever. That is so that he can regularly play for the team without getting dropped.

Rohit Sharma has been tagged as “vada-pav” before and the trolls have been going around quite a bit. His fans have always tried their best to defend him. That is because he is the captain of the Mumbai Indians and is a quality batsman.

What Was The Video Of Rohit Sharma That Went Viral Recently On Social Media?

Rohit Sharma has been known for his classy batting. He has also at times been known for his unorthodox bowling. At times, he can also produce some good fielding moments. However, now, there is a video of the Mumbai Indians’ skipper eating that has gone viral.

The best thing about it is that the “vada-pav” trolls are back. The Virat Kohli fans and Rohit Sharma haters couldn’t stop trolling him. Here is the video that went viral-

Team India won the game but Rohit Sharma was still being rested. The fans were wondering why but this video just attracted a lot of trolls. It was something that is expected on Social Media platforms these days. Twitter couldn’t stop talking about the same.

There has always been a rivalry between Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli. Many have been part of the argument as well, as to who is the better captain. With that being said, these trolls keeping going to and fro. This time, Rohit Sharma was at the end of them for no reason.

After Mumbai's Third IPL Win, Rohit Sharma vs Virat Kohli Captaincy Battle  Erupts | Cricket News

What Next For The Mumbai Indians Ahead Of IPL 2021?

After winning the IPL title for two consecutive years, Rohit Sharma and co. will want to retain it once again. Virat Kohli has had not had any luck go his way in the domestic cup and RCB have failed to make a major impact. However, the skipper and the vice-captain of the Indian team do face off against each other in the opening game of the season.

The fans want there to be a good fight between the two teams. However, based on the overall level of performances, Mumbai Indians will be generally the favourite to win. They were the better team in IPL 2020 as well and the well-deserved winners. The only team that could actually have given them a run for their money were the Delhi Capitals.

With that being said, Rohit Sharma will want to perform well for Team India. He will also want to carry that form into the IPL. The opener will be keen to make a major impact ahead of the T20 World Cup. Everyone’s eyes are set on that competition. Let’s wait and watch how the Mumbai Indians perform this year, as they look to retain their title for a third straight year.


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