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Watch: Virat Kohli Gets Involved In Heated Argument With Ben Stokes; Umpire Steps In

Surely Virat Kohli will be in trouble this time, it would seem. The Indian skipper just can’t seem to keep his emotions in check. Another game, another emotional confrontation. This time it was Kohli and Ben Stokes. The two got involved in a heated argument on the pitch, which the umpire had to stop. This was during the fourth Test match between India and England.

It was not a great sight for any cricket fan. However, knowing Virat Kohli and his temper, blended with his captaincy skills, he did jump in. It was at a time when he tried to defend one of his players. The player was pacer Mohammed Siraj, who is also his RCB team-mate.

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Below is the video of what happened between Ben Stokes and Siraj initially, which led to the whole problem-

The Video Of The Heated Argument That Went On Between Virat Kohli And Ben Stokes, Which The Umpire Had To Intervene In

So, yet again Virat Kohli stepped in to have a heated argument with one of the players. This time it was Ben Stokes, who said something that the Indian skipper did not like. It is good to be hospitable. However, when things get out of hand, Virat Kohli is the first to react.

Below is the video of this epic encounter that went viral and the umpire had to stop the fight-

This was yet another epic confrontation between an English player and Virat Kohli. The Indian skipper has been the talk of the town for his temper already. This time, he lost his cool once again. That played a key role in him being targetted before and it could happen once again now.

Why The Indian Skipper Could Land In Trouble For His Behaviour On The Cricket Pitch?

Virat Kohli has already been warned for his erratic behaviour. He has a temper at times and needs to keep it in check. Due to the same, he was close to a one-game suspension post the second match. However, he survived. Now, if this incident is something that needs to be looked at, King Kohli could be in trouble.

RCB captain Virat Kohli might be tempted to have Ben Stokes as his IPL teammate

One thing is sure for now. There will be more criticism coming his way, after what he just did. The former cricketers and Pundits will not be happy. They too have a habit of targetting the Indian skipper.

It will be interesting to see whether Virat Kohli gets away once again or not. Only time will tell. For now, he is on a very thin line and a mistake or two could cost him a game or two. It will all depend on what the match-referee thinks of the same. Let’s wait and watch and hope for the best!!


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