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Watch: Batsman Given Out For The Most Silliest Thing; Was It Really Out Though?

There have been some really funny ways that batsmen have gotten out over the years. The cricket fans have really enjoyed themselves watching such unique dismissals. A batsman given out for something funny or stupid just has to quietly walk back to the pavilion. Such incidents keep happening from time to time. Over the years, we have seen a lot of lapses in concentration from both the player and the umpires.

One such incident was seen recently in a match of village cricket. It went viral on Social Media and the fans couldn’t help but talk about it. There were also mixed opinions about the fact that whether it was actually out or not?

The Video Of This Batsman Given Out Which Was Not Just Funny But Controversial As Well

Well, there are some wickets that are just meant to happen. This was one such wicket that fell recently. The batsman played a shot and seemed to be caught behind. However, the umpire did not give him out instantly. Instead, the players were rather waiting for a decision.

Generally, a batsman given out would start walking back to the pavilion. In this case, the player thought that he was out and he started to fool around at the crease.

Below is the video of the incident that trended quite a bit on Social Media-

The batsman given out threw the bat in the air and tried to catch it. However, he failed to do that and it fell on the stumps. The umpire who hadn’t made his initial call of out or not out then raised the finger. This looked rather funny, with the batsman given out walking back slowly, as he looked on in despair.

The Debate That This Decision Sparked On Social Media Platforms Like Twitter; The Fans Pick A Side?

A lot of fans were not happy with the umpire’s call. They suggested that the batsman was not out for throwing the bat up and then the latter dropping on the stumps. The rule suggests that any action that is involved in the initial play can only be termed as part of a hit-wicket.

Below is the Tweet explaining the reason why the batsman given out was rather unlucky and it was a poor call if given out as hit-wicket-

Ideally, if the umpire gave it out for caught-behind, there would be no complaints. However, the official seemed to raise his finger once the bat hit the stumps. This was not termed acceptable by the fans online, who used the logic/law that safeguards a batsman against such an instance.

The striker then involved is eligible only for a stumping or a runout, either of which was not a part of this case. Hence, the batsman given out could tag himself really unlucky, if the umpire gave him out on a wrong call. Caught-behind- YES, hit-wicket- NO!!


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