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Dale Steyn Takes Sly Dig At Fan After BCCI Postpones IPL 2021

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) had to reschedule IPL 2021 due to the pandemic, with the number of cases going up. Quite a few players and support staff tested positive for Covid-19 just recently. This really pushed the IPL GC and the BCCI to stop the tournament. It had to postpone IPL 2021 indefinitely and the fans are waiting for an update.

The Incident That Happened Involving Dale Steyn On Twitter About IPL 2021

In an incident on Social Media, Dale Steyn was criticized hard when he chose to play in the Pakistan Super League (PSL) and backed out of the 14th edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL).  The South African made comments regarding the PSL being a more rewarding league than the IPL. This added more fuel to the fire. He eventually became a target of the Indian fans on Social Media sites.

However, just a couple of months after the short conversation, Steyn again remembered the fan. That was after BCCI postponed IPL 2021, he took a sly dig by writing ‘HI’.

The South African quickie faced further head when PSL 2021 halted. The fans again called him out for choosing PSL over the Indian League. Back in March 2021, the PCB postponed the T20 League. That was with the number of coronavirus cases rising quickly. PCB is considering having the remaining games of the tournament from the 1st of June in a biosecure bubble.

Meanwhile, the BCCI was forced to reschedule IPL 2021 as well. Similar to the PSL, a number of players and support staff tested positive as well. The final verdict of postponing was given when the T20 tournament completed a tally of 29 matches.

The Message That Was Given By Dale Steyn For All The Cricket Fans And Everyone

Dale Steyn further ignored the IPL 2021 and had sent out a message out for all the fans. He Tweeted out a statement that would give some of his fans a bit of comfort.

A great message sent by the pacer to the people suffering from the disease. India is one of the worse hit countries in the world at present. There have been more than 300k cases in a single day within the nation. Though the mortality rate may not be that high, the measures to counter the disease are limited.

There is a high demand for oxygen and the medicinal drugs needed to treat Covid. Despite that, the supply is rather limited. The frontline workers and doctors are trying their best to improve the situation. However, there are some limitations to what can be done. The best thing is that IPL 2021 has been stopped for now, until the overall cases in the country go down. This helps the players return back to their families and stay safe. Good going BCCI!!


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