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Danish Kaneria Slams Mohammad Amir For Blackmailing PCB; Pacer Responds

The Mohammad Amir-Danish Kaneria Story- Pakistani players have been banned from playing in IPL since 2009. The first segment of the Indian Premier League was the only one that featured Pakistani players but after that, due to political tensions between both countries, BCCI decided to take the big step and has been so since then. It is a well-known fact India is one of the highest paying countries as far as cricket is concerned. Players all over the world get a majority of their earnings by playing IPL. Thus, the IPL ban is a huge financial loss to only Pakistan Cricket Board, but also the Pakistani players. However, some cricketers in recent years, have tried to take a different way round.

What Was The Initial Statement By Mohammad Amir About?

In a recent statement, former Pakistani pacer Mohammad Amir has affirmed that he might get English citizenship soon, in order to play in the Indian Premier League. It is a well-known fact that the Pakistani Cricket Board and their players have never appreciated the growth of the Indian Premier League, and one of their very own former players aspiring to play in the rival nation was obviously taken with a pinch of salt by not only the Pakistani media but also their veteran players.

Mohammad Amir is trying to blackmail PCB to make a comeback: Danish Kaneria

Former Pakistani leg spinner Danish Kaneria took the criticism a step further. That was by claiming that Md Amir is ‘blackmailing’ the Pakistan Cricket Board by these sort of statements. The veteran cricketer said, “I am taking nothing away from Mohammad Amir. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I feel he is trying to blackmail others with his statements so that he can make a return to the side. From his comments on moving to England and getting citizenship and playing the IPL, you can understand his headspace.”

This claim by Danish led to a heated debate between the two Pakistanis on Twitter. Earlier today, an Indian Cricket website FirstSportz.com, posted a detailed overview of the YouTube video in which Danish Kaneriya talked about the controversial topic and they tweeted the same on their Twitter page.

He's blackmailing': Danish Kaneria slams Mohammad Amir for raising voice  against PCB

The Latest Comment By The Pacer Towards Danish Kaneria

To everyone’s surprise, Md Amir himself replied to the tweet and wrote “oh is he still here in Pakistan  I thought . samj to gaye hn gay sare kyn k hum Pakistani in k sath acha ni kar rhe the yeah hazrat ne khuch months phele yahi statements di I think so who is blackmailing.”

(translation:- “Oh is he still here in Pakistan I thought. He understands we Pakistanis cannot do good to him. That is why this gentleman has given a similar statement one month ago. So I think we know who is blackmailing here.”)

The fans were shocked by this sort of reaction from the once no.1 fast bowler in the world. A certain fan asked him why he was reacting to such comments. To this Amir replied, “Yeah you are right brother, but sometimes you need to yar (sic).”

Trash talks and heated debates like this are not a rare thing in the world of cricket. Despite that, a well-known cricketer Tweeting out something like this publicly is not seen very often. Let’s see now how things go down between the two. That is as the situation seems to be heated up.

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