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Watch: An Old Video Of Virat Kohli Goes Viral Where He Talks About His Quickest Date Ever

Virat Kohli has been known for his on and off the field antics. The Indian skipper has been quite vocal and this has been the case for a long time. Even when he was the skipper of the India U-19s, Kohli was known to be expressive. He had this fearlessness from day 1 that caught the attention of one and all. That is how he got his chance to play for Team India at a rather young age. Passion combined with loads of talent was his highlight for sure.

He was a star in the making (King Kohli) and the management and the fans knew that already. It was only a matter of time before he burst onto the scene. Keeping that in mind, Virat Kohli did do a few things that he would probably like to forget.

How It All Began For Virat Kohli

The Old And Viral Video Of Virat Kohli That Resurfaced Rather Recently

Virat Kohli used to give a lot of interviews back in the day. He was still rather young and learning his ways around the team. At that point in time, VJ Anusha took an interview with him. She was rather trying to have fun while getting in all the information that she could.

Keeping that in mind, she started asking him about some of the quickest things that he had!! One was about a shower, another about a fifty and more. Then and there, Anusha Dandekar asked Virat Kohli about his quickest date that ended.

This segment just went up a level when this question was asked. Virat looked a bit shy but he spoke about it nevertheless, sportingly as always. He said that the quickest date was a blind date, that he went on. He further added that it ended in about five minutes. The reason for the date to end was, as the girl was quite ugly.

Below is the video of the whole conversation between the two budding stars (at that point)-

Once the reply was acknowledged in a funny way by Anusha, she asked him a counter-question. The VJ asked him if he would stick around if she was the date.

The Video Was Just Hilarious But Had He Said Something Like This Now, Anushka Might Have Not Liked It!!

Virat Kohli might have had his share of relations and breakups. However, he is now married to lead actress Anushka Sharma and the couple have a daughter together. Keeping that in mind, the young teen from Delhi has really matured now. Funny, how he would possibly look back at some of these interviews and laugh about some of the things that he might have said back then.

For some reason, this video has now come into the limelight a lot. Let’s hope that it is for all the right reasons and no one gets offended by it. Keeping that in mind, we at Beyond The Posts wish Virat Kohli and co. all the very best for the upcoming games that will be really crucial, as they head into the World Test Championship Final.


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