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Shahrukh Khan Sends Out Message To Sjoerd Marijne Ahead Of Semi-Final Tie

The Shahrukh Khan Story- With the Indian women making history at the Olympics, the fans were just as excited as the players. For the first time ever, the women’s team made it to the semis of the tournament in hockey. This made the fans on Social Media sent out their best wishes and love for the team. They made everyone back home proud and will now be facing Belgium in the semis, with the chance to win a medal this year.

Sjoerd Marijne, the coach of the team was overjoyed as well. His hard work had paid off. Credit also to Naveen Patnaik, the CM of Odisha and his cabinet that backed them and sponsored them when they were down and out. With the fans overjoyed with what they had seen, things looked really good for once.

The Conversation Between Shahrukh Khan And Sjoerd Marijne That Got A Lot Of Attention On Twitter

The Indian women’s team beat Australia in the quarter-final to make it to the semis. It reminded the fans of the Indian side of a Shahrukh Khan movie, Chak De! India. Everyone was in the mood and the relevance to the story was clear. Though they had not won a medal yet, the 1-0 win seemed just too good to be true.

With that being said, Sjoerd Marijne sent out a Tweet that caught the attention of everyone on Twitter.

While the fans were reacting, King Khan decided to join in on the celebrations as well. He ReTweeted the Tweet in his own style.

The message from the King (Badshah) of Bollywood also gained more attention. The fans were already in the best mood and this added a new flavour to it. It got the fans talking about the sport that had seen a decline in recent times. Not any more.

What Next For The Indian Women’s Team; Can They Bring Home A Medal This Time?

Shahrukh Khan, the owner of IPL team KKR, was optimistic just like a lot of Indian fans and wanted a medal to come back home. After the men’s team lost 5-2 against Belgium in the semis and can still win a Bronze, the hopes are now on the Indian women.

Tokyo 2020: India beat Australia to enter maiden women's hockey semi-finals  | Olympics News,The Indian Express

Hopefully, they can deliver in their upcoming match against Argentina and have the chance of winning GOLD. That is the ambition of the nation right now and everyone will be glued to their screens. Hopefully, they can find it in themselves to do what they did in the last match, produce another miracle.

The enthusiasm and hard work of the players has been already visible on the pitch. The Indian fans are really proud and so is Shahrukh Khan, as showcased by his recent Tweet. Let’s wait and watch if they can make it count!!


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