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Watch: Messi Scores Brilliant Free-Kick Before Argentina Versus Brazil Match Is Stopped

The Brilliant Lionel Messi Free-kick- There is always some drama in an Argentina versus Brazil game. Especially when the game is being played in South America. Generally, the drama is for things that happen on the football pitch. That was the case once again, just not for the footballing reasons this time. It was a very rare thing that happened when the two sides faced each other.

Four players from the Argentine camp had broken the Brazilian law. Due to this, the authorities came to get them and stopped the match. The game was eventually suspended.

What Was The Reason For The Suspension Of The Game Between Argentina And Brazil?

Four Argentine players had flown from England directly to Brazil in a private jet. Due to this, they were ineligible to play in the match. Since coming directly from Europe, they needed to quarantine themselves. However, they lied to get through and play in this match.

The four players included Emi Martinez, Emi Buendia, Cristian Romero and Gio Lo Celso. These stars were asked to isolate themselves hours before the game. It was a World Cup qualifier and things did not look pretty. The officials had to come onto the pitch and stop the match before it started.

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With that being said, the game has been suspended as of now. The fans have been putting out various scorelines, as to how the game will end and with which player getting the goals. Keeping that in mind, Lionel Messi did not seem happy with what was happening.

As the skipper of his national team, Messi came out and tried to make things right. Despite his best efforts, that did not seem to be the case. The players were taken off and the game never got underway.

The Video Of Lionel Messi Taking A World-Class Free-kick In Training That Went Viral On Social Media Platform Twitter

Lionel Messi is one of the best free-kick takers in the world if not the very best of them all. His freekicks are unstoppable and his fans can’t stop admiring the talent and skill that he has, along with ball control.

That is something that goalie Emi Martinez found out the hard way. It was a training session where the duo was seen practising before the match. Unfortunately, Martinez found out why many football and Messi fans call him the GOAT.

Below is the video of the unsavable free-kick that Messi put into the back of the net-

What a brilliant kick that was by Messi. Martinez was just left stunned and he could have hoped that the ball went wide. However, it just did not and it sneaked into the top right corner of the goal. Such shots are just unstoppable and Messi is the best at executing them, not just in training but in games as well.

It was a classic Messi moment and the fans loved what they had seen. Unfortunately, the game did not start and that is something that they will regret. Hopefully, things are sorted out soon and there is a match that is played. It is never fun to gift one team the win!!


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