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Liverpool News: “There Are Things That Oil Can’t Buy”-Fabinho’s Wife Takes A Sly Dig At Manchester City With Her Post

Liverpool News: After the Liverpool team’s open-top bus procession on Sunday, Fabinho’s wife, Rebeca Tavares, took the opportunity to make a snide comment about Manchester City.

The team managed by Jurgen Klopp had a devastating loss on Saturday when they were defeated by Real Madrid in the final of the UEFA Champions League in Paris by a score of 1-0. The defeat occurred a little over a week and a half after the Cityzens had secured the Premier League title on the very last day of the regular season.

During the 2021-22 season, Liverpool, on the other hand, was able to bring home two different domestic titles. After winning the EFL Cup and the FA Cup on penalties against Chelsea in February and this month respectively, the Reds became champions of both competitions.

Klopp and his players continued with their plans to hold an open-top bus procession in their home city on Sunday, despite their team’s elimination from the Champions League on Wednesday. According to reports, there were around 600,000 supporters there to cheer on their team as it returned home.

Liverpool News: The Reds held an open bus parade on Sunday

Many people feel that the parade held by the Reds to celebrate their domestic cup double drew a larger crowd of fans than the procession that Manchester City held to celebrate winning the Premier League. It would seem that Fabinho’s wife is one of the individuals who expressed her satisfaction with the attendance of the march on Sunday.

The spouse of the Liverpool player has taken to social media to convey her appreciation to the club’s supporters for all of their help over the season. On Twitter, she shared a photo from the procession along with the following caption:

“We are Liverpool, this means more! See you next season, Red family. Thank you for your support.”

Tavares also took advantage of the situation to poke fun at the Cityzens by ostensibly referring to them as an “oil” club. She cleverly did this. She went on to say:

“There are just some things oil can’t buy.”

The link that Manchester City has with the United Arab Emirates, which is ranked seventh in the world for its oil reserves, has led to the club being referred to as an “oil club” on several occasions. The Abu Dhabi United Group is the owner of the Premier League’s most illustrious clubs.

The tweet that Tavares made about Liverpool’s parade had a huge error, according to supporters of Manchester City

There was an air of jubilation among Reds fans after Tavares’ tweet. However, Manchester City supporters have been trolling her by pointing out a big error in the photo that she uploaded on social media. They did this in an attempt to make her seem foolish.

The picture that Fabinho’s wife shared on social media looks to be from Liverpool’s parade in 2019 after the club won the Champions League. One fan of the Cityzens, in response to Tavares’ jab, posted the following on Twitter:

“There is no question that oil cannot purchase recycled photographs.”

Then, other Reds fans replied to those assertions by releasing additional recordings from Sunday’s march on their social media accounts.

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