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Top 10 Favourite Artists From The 90s Who Rocked Your Television Sets (English)

The 90s was an era of revolution in the field of music. Shedding the retro vibe to prepare for a new millennium, artists became bolder with their offerings. That is why, this is going to be hard and I had to make some tough choices to put together a list of my 10 favorite artists from this decade. (Writer’s choice)

1. Madonna

You cannot talk about 90s music without Madonna. This legendary artist inadvertently instigated a movement for woman empowerment by simply being herself.

2. Snoop Dogg

Uncle Snoopy may be a controversial artist with a rough history in the music industry, but his songs have always been top notch.

An interview with Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg on gangsta rap and Compton. – Rolling Stone

3. Dr. Dre

I don’t think the 90s would have been much fun without this American Rapper raising havoc. He not only gave us his own numbers to enjoy but also went on to help other artists make a name for themselves. Truly, we wouldn’t have a lot of good music to this day without this man.

4. Creed

Not one of the most popular choices for most people, but for me, Creed had so much to offer. Though their best numbers were released later, the initiation of the band itself marked a day in history with their touching lyrics and off-beat sound.

5. Guns and Roses

Another unique band with distinguished music is Guns and Roses. Anyone who lived through the 90s knows how well they came into their own in this era and redefined history.

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6. Metallica

One of the best bands for metal music marked our childhood with happy memories. True, it’s not for everyone but they did achieve new benchmarks in creating extraordinary tracks with incredible lyrics and beats to die for.

7. Nirvana

Nirvana was the turning point for many music aficionados in the 90s. Their unique style of complaining with catchy tunes soon became a style in itself. Although they may not have made a lot of happy songs, they did cheer us up in every mood.

Nirvana > Loudwire

8. Red Hot Chili Peppers

Popularly known for their song “Californication,” RHCP made a name for themselves as one of the best bands of the era. They had it all- a good set of musicians, lyrics that spoke to everyone, a style unparalleled, and a quirky name to pull it together.

9. Green Day

Last but not the least, Green Day had to make my list. With their distinctive sound and warm lyrics, this band created an impression in the hearts of everyone they touched.


10. Linkin Park

This band deserves an honorary mention on this list. Although their popular numbers were released in the 2000s, had the 3 friends Mike, Brad, and Rob not formed the band back in the 90s, they wouldn’t have brought in Late Chester Bennington and we wouldn’t have songs like ‘Papercut’, ‘In the End’, ‘Castle of Glass’, and more.

I agree there are a lot more that should have made this list but these artists are legends and they deserved the highest spots, at least on my list. Share with us your favorite artists from the 90s and let’s connect through music.

Honourable mention- Korn

Another bunch of gifted artists that remain underrated due to their metallic genre, Korn gave us some of the hard-hitting truths of life. Listen to their lyrics carefully and you will see how delightfully perceptive they have been.


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