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Sports Journalist Quotes Gautam Gambhir Making A Bold Claim About The 2011 World Cup; MS Dhoni Mentioned Yet Again!?

MS Dhoni has a lot of fans. It seems that Gautam Gambhir is surely one of them. The former cricketer turned commentator and politician just can’t stop talking about the 2011 World Cup. For some reason, Gambhir has had an obsession with that win. He also continues to talk about Dhoni and his role, positively and negatively both!!

Now, whether Gambhir is a happy man or not, with regards to his cricketing career, we leave that up to the fans. For now, everyone is just confused with his stance on the tournament win for Team India.

For years, everyone thought that Gautam Gambhir had some issue with MS Dhoni. He kept making statements that were anti-Dhoni to an extent. It seemed that the issue ran deep between the two players.

What Is The Latest Statement That Gautam Gambhir Made About The 2011 World Cup And MS Dhoni!?

Gambhir always was critical about the attention that MS Dhoni got post the 2011 World Cup win. He always felt that he did not get enough credit. To add to that, the opening batsman from Delhi, always emphasized on the team. Though some may feel he was right to do so, it didn’t seem to be in the right taste!!

Many times, Gambhir went overboard and reflected jealousy or hate. But at the end of the day, he has his own fans and so does MS Dhoni. Both sets of faithfuls were happy that Team India had done well. The duo had won 2 World Cups and many more major titles.

At the end of the day, it was what the nation needed. And the Indian cricketing fans were grateful for their contributions. However, the latest statement by Gautam Gambhir has once again shocked the world!!

The statement that Gambhir, as per a cricket journalist Johns!!

Why Is This Latest Statement Funny And Hypocritical At The Same Time!?

This whole time Gambhir had suggested that MS Dhoni stole the spotlight from him and the team in the 2011 World Cup, especially the final. He wasn’t really appreciative of the Dhoni fanbase that called him out several times for silly or provocative comments. To add to that, Gambhir never showed any appreciation openly for the former Indian wicketkeeper and skipper.

On many instances, the Pundit criticized Mahi for various reasons. Many of the fans deemed those unnecessary and tasteless. Now, to add fuel to the fire, Gambhir can’t stop talking about it. This has more to do with him, than anything else.

Further, his latest comment is a positive one. He has suggested that MS Dhoni, contrary to all his previous rants and claims wanted him to score a century in the final. If that was the case, Gambhir who was runout in the 2011 World Cup final, has only himself to blame for letting MSD steal his spotlight (as he has been claiming all this time).

Interesting and funny at the same time. We let you further be the judge of things!!

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