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When Arsenal Legend Ian Wright Remembered The Most Influential Man In His Life!!

Ian Wright is one of the most liked and respected Arsenal legends and Pundits. The striker has left his permanent mark on the club and the supporters. He is appreciated on all platforms for his opinions and his unbiased Punditry. The ex-Gunner is always supportive of the club and is unbiased in his words, generally.

This is the mood of the entire fanbase and he is one whom most of the fanbase listens to keenly. Many-a-times if Ian Wright says something, a lot of the fanbase takes it as GOLDEN WORDS. They don’t even bother challenging it, as their favourite Arsenal Pundit has said so.

Such is the level of love and respect that he gets. And when someone tries to get in his wrong books, the fans on Social Media shut them down.

The Video From A Decade Ago Where Arsenal Legend Ian Wright Talks About The Most Influential Man In His Life And It’s Not Wenger

Former Arsenal attacker Ian Wright had put out a video 11 years ago. It was an incident that he will never forget. In the video, he talked about the most influential man in his life. His name was Sydney Pigden and he was Wrighty’s teacher. On 11th March, 2023, RIP Sydney Pigden was trending for some time on Twitter.

That is when this emotional video was shared once again. The fans really got emotional, watching it after all this while. Believe me, this actually happened!!

Ian Wright was so emotional in this video. The things every Arsenal fan loves to see. Their legends being honest and open with them and sharing their sweet and emotional moments. What a sight!! Not just for any football fan. But for people around the world!!

The Arsenal Legend Is Always In The News And Was Recently Seen Celebrating The Bournemouth Win, In A Video That Went Viral!!

There is no doubt that despite not being at the club for the longest period of time, Ian Wright is a legend. He has been doing some amazing things for the club, on and off the pitch. His love for Arsenal is unconditional and the fans appreciate his honesty for them and the team.

That is why when Wrighty saw the Reiss Neslon winner, much like other Arsenal fans, he couldn’t control his joy. His reaction was that of all Arsenal fans and a video went viral. In the video, he could be seen celebrating and jumping with joy.

It was truly a beautiful sight that made all Arsenal fans happy. They were proud of what they had witnessed. This was something that every fan loves to see and Social Media made it viral.

Well, at the end of the day, every Arsenal fan has just one wish. They want their team to win the League if not more. That seems to be the Gunners’ target this season, though they can also win the Europa League.

However, it will not be an easy task and the business end of the season is here. Let’s see what this Arsenal team can actually do now. So far, they have made us proud. It will be interesting to see how the campaign ends now!!

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