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Football Fans In Turkey Show Respect To Lost Lives Of Children; Here’s What They Did!!

Football fans show their respect!! Turkey has been hit by a devastating set of earthquakes in recent times. The people of the country and Syria have suffered a lot due to these natural calamities, that just don’t seem to go away. The relief work is in full progress and these people need all the help they can get.

The global footballing fans and the human beings around the globe are trying their best to help the people suffering out. Multiple methods of donating money, food and more have been set up. The world is praying for these countries, along with providing all the assistance needed to coup with the calamity.

Many people have lost their lives, including several young children. A few renowned footballers have passed away as well, which is tragic in itself. Amidst these are the likes of Ghanaian footballer Christian Atsu, Turkish goalkeeper Ahmet Eyup Turkaslan and more. It is just sad to say the least. And words just can’t describe the pain that this natural calamity has caused to people!!

How The Turkish Football Fans Paid Tribute To The Kids That Lost Their Lives In This Tragedy!?

It was sad to see so many people lose their lives. Yes, the best way to deal with such a calamity is to save as many people as possible and help them try and get their lives back on track. But the tributes shall never stop. Gone, but never forgotten!! Especially, the kids!!

And the Turkish football fans did something special. Below is the video that showcases what these fans did and how they paid their respects. This was not just for the young kids that lost their lives. But for the ones that became orphans too. What a sight it was!! Literally brought tears to everyone’s eyes!!

Fans throwing toys for the kids that could have been the future. And the ones that will have no one to show them a better world. Everyone deserves to have their parents and family around. Unfortunately, not everyone can have this gift!!

This was just what the footballing world needed to be united once more. Such moments bring out the best of people. It was indeed beautiful to watch and the fans at home would have been feeling this gesture too.

Floods Hit Turkey Post Earthquake; It Is Just So Sad!!

When nature showcases its wrath against mankind, it doesn’t hold back at all. This is clearly the case once again, as the floods in Turkey have been followed by floods. And the root of this travesty is the same as the initial one.

Many people have lost their lives once again and there is complete mayhem. The world is shocked and doesn’t know how to react or help. Though there are several donation and charity projects, run by various non-profit organizations trying to help, the need for more is always there.

We at Beyond The Posts urge you to do your best and help in any way possible. KARMA will surely come back to you!!


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