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Ian Wright Predicts The Premier League Top 4 This Season Using An Instagram Feature; Fans Are Delighted!?

A lot of Pundits have made their predictions of who will be finishing in the top 4 of the Premier League this season. Ian Wright is one of them. However, he did it in a different way. And the fans were just happy to see the man having fun. Though some of these predictions may not be the most accurate ones (they generally aren’t anyways), the former Arsenal guy gave the club’s faithful exactly what they wanted to see!!

Using Instagram filters to have fun is not an uncommon practice. Every influencer and celebrity does that. It is just to destress and relax and enjoy a laugh. Similar was the case with Wrighty as well.

He used a filter to predict which teams would finish in the top 5 (part of the filter). And also, predicted the League winner. And the results were just fun to watch. His reaction to it was also an EPIC one!!

What Happened When Ian Wright Used An Instagram Filter To Predict The League’s Top Four And The Winner!?

Ian Wright found a unique way of making his prediction for the top 4 of the League. He did not do it in the traditional way. Rather, he used a filter with all the teams in the top flight of English football. And just waited for it to stop. As that happened, he placed them between 1 and 5.

Now, the thing here is, that this isn’t the perfect prediction for all. That’s because of the fact that there are some teams that are mid-table and towards the bottom half. However, what happened next was purely gold. Words can’t explain it and it can only be seen by the naked eye. And surely, the reaction is brilliant too.


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The most epic thing about the videos that Ian Wright uploads are his celebrations. He just loves to have a good time and it is always quite evident with the way that he takes off. The passion and the love is just brilliant.

Arsenal Fans Will Now Be Hoping That The Prediction Does Indeed Come True!!

Arsenal are on top of the League. They are heading the title charge with a gap of eight points between them and the defending champions, Manchester City. However, the Cityzens have a game in hand. They will want to make the most of it. And will look to not give an inch to the Gunners.

Ian Wright knows this and so do the fans. Despite that, everyone is hopeful that Arsenal can get the job done. The team has been brilliant this season and will want to continue to perform at the top level. Mikel Arteta and co. want nothing but the best performances now.

The idea is to secure the League title after 20 long years. Further, a top 4 finish is more or less now guaranteed and that shouldn’t really be a concern. But the focus is on getting their hands on the League title. And many of the rival clubs would also prefer an Arsenal win, than yet another Manchester City title win.


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