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John Wick Trivia: 10 Things You Might Have Not Known About Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves is the man of the hour right now. Everyone is talking about him on Social Media platforms. This is due to the release of the latest John Wick movie, which could be the final piece of the puzzle, with regards to this franchise. So, it has been said. The fans are loving what they have seen so far. And though they want more, it is not in their hands.

At the end of the day, many directors and producers believe that it’s best to leave a franchise on a high-note. This, rather than trying to cash in on the public’s sentiments, the best example of which is the Fast & Furious franchise.

Well, whatever has to happen will happen. For now, we are glad that Keanu Reeves is doing some of the best work of his career. And just can’t get enough of it.

Here are 10 things about Keanu Reeves that you may not know!!

10. Keanu Reeves is the INDIA of Hollywood stars!!

Well, India is known for its diversity and how they co-exist. So, is Keanu Reeves. The star was born in Beirut, Lebanon. He has descendants belong to various countries. His links are to the Chinese, English, Irish, Native Hawaiian and the Portuguese. Reeves used to live in Sydney, Australia. He then moved to New York City and eventually ended up in Toronto. Tell me this isn’t UNITY IN DIVERSITY!?

9. His love for sports is totally real and he could have possibly been a professional

Keanu Reeves played street-hockey secretly for a decade. He was also the goalkeeper for his college hockey team and even co-coached a hockey club (ice-hockey). Some of his coaches believed that he was good enough to play the sport professionally. Others felt that Reeves could also end up playing football as a profession.

However, neither of these happened and he eventually became an actor. Later he did both of these in his movies. Such fortune!!

8. Reeves had friends like Alice Cooper and River Phoenix

It is confirmed that Alice Cooper used to hangout at the Reeves’ residence. Keanu Reeves’ mom was a costume designer and created some great Halloween costumes. For this reason, some of her clients came to their place. Alice Cooper was one of them.

A close friend of Keanu Reeves was River Phoenix, brother of Joaquin Phoenix (better known these days as the Joker). Because of this friendship, the actor got casted in the movie My Own Private Idaho. And the rest is history!!

7. Reeves did a Coca-Cola commercial and a music video back in the day

One of the first roles that Reeves got was in a Coke commercial. Though it wasn’t something really that big, but it was as he says, ‘his first real life experience’. And surely, it made a difference in his career.

Reeves also was doing music videos at that time. He appeared in Lawrence Kasdan’s I Love You to Death. To add to that, he was also in the music video for Paula Abdul’s ‘Rush Rush’. Both got him a lot of attention and the people were talking.

6. Keanu Reeves had 3 other names that he dumped eventually

After his move to Los Angeles, Reeves realized that his first name was hard to pronounce and remember. Also, Keanu means ‘cool breeze over the mountains’. So, it was not the favourite name during auditions. To overcome this problem, Keanu Reeves used other names like K.C. Reeves, Chuck Spadina and Page Templeton III (whatever that’s supposed to mean).

At the end of it all, he decided that this was not a great idea. He eventually dropped it and went back to his proper name. And look where he is today!!

5. Reeves loves motorcycles; but has multiple injuries because of accidents!!

Boys love bikes. Well, at least most of them. Especially the ones who like adventure and have a lot of money to spend!! Similar is the case with Keanu Reeves who loves his bikes.

However, love hurts. And that is the case with Reeves as well. He has been involved in quite a few bike accidents. This is a well-known fact, though he is fit as hell. And still going at it quite strongly.

4. Keanu Reeves has acted in the movie Keanu!! Haha!!

Initially, though his entourage did not let him do it. It was suggested that Keanu was a parody of John Wick for some reason. However, once Reeves saw the trailers of this movie, he wanted to be a part of it. He got in touch with filmmaker Peter Atencio directly to get involved with the movie. This lead to the cameo in which he is the voice of the eponymous kitten.

3. Keanu Reeves was tricked into working in The Watcher

Not all tales have a happy ending. Or in this case, the beginning. As per Keanu Reeves, the actor was blackmailed to work in the movie The Watcher. But as per Reeves, a friend of his forged the signature on the contract, which entitled him to act in the movie. Furthermore, the actor couldn’t prove it that the signature wasn’t his.

So, in order to avoid getting sued, he eventually agreed. So, it was just a situation that he wanted to get out of. Keep your friends close and your frenemies closer!! Lesson learned!!

2. Without John Wick, there would be no Bill & Ted Face the Music

There is always a cause and an effect. In this case, John Wick is the case. Bill & Ted Face the Music are the effect. It was back in 2005 when a red carpet reporter asked Reeves about his potential return to the character of Theodore “Ted” Logan, that he actually began to contemplate about it.

Post that, another five years before Alex Winter actually made the idea appeal and the duo started off. And this was worthy enough to explore another film. There was more thought put into it, taking more years and the implications of what they were doing, so on and so forth.

Eventually, the success of John Wick rekindled the studio’s interest in making a third film. The franchise’s success got him all the attention for the right reasons and eventually Bill & Ted 3 was made.


1. The John Wick franchise wouldn’t exist without The Matrix!!

Another example of the domino effect could be seen with regards to the John Wick franchise in itself. The idea of this whole thing started off with one of the most epic franchises of all time, The Matrix. This is the movie that actually made Keanu Reeves a superstar and some would even say LEGEND!!

Well, at the end of the day, the world would never be the same without Neo. Not just for the fans of the franchise. But for the ones that would eventually embrace John Wick into their lives as well!!



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