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Chelsea Dressing Room Reaction To Mauricio Pochettino Replacing Frank Lampard Says A Lot

The imminent appointment of Mauricio Pochettino as the new permanent manager of Chelsea has sparked a positive reaction among the players. The Chelsea squad is reportedly enthusiastic about the prospect of training under the former Tottenham manager and is eagerly awaiting his arrival at the club.

Mauricio Pochettino’s impending confirmation as Chelsea manager signals a new era for the Blues, with the Argentine poised to sign a long-term contract. The owners and decision-makers at Stamford Bridge opted to give Lampard the opportunity to finish the season before making a change in the managerial position.

Lampard as interim manager

Lampard, a former Chelsea midfielder, had taken over as interim manager after Graham Potter’s departure in April. However, his tenure was marred by inconsistent performances and disappointing results, leading to a decline in the team’s performance. The decision to bring in Pochettino reflects the club’s ambition to return to their winning ways and regain their competitive edge.

Pochettino’s managerial track record, particularly his successful stint at Tottenham, has earned him respect and admiration within the footballing world. His tactical acumen, emphasis on attacking football, and ability to develop young talents are qualities that align with Chelsea’s style and philosophy.

The players are eagerly looking forward to working with Pochettino and benefiting from his vast experience and expertise. While, his arrival is expected to rejuvenate the squad and instill a renewed sense of determination and ambition within the team.

The appointment of Mauricio Pochettino as Chelsea manager represents a significant step in the club’s quest for success. The players’ positive reaction indicates their willingness to embrace the change and their belief in Pochettino’s ability to lead them to glory.

As Mauricio Pochettino prepares to take charge at Chelsea, there is a sense of anticipation and excitement among the players and fans alike. The upcoming season promises to be an intriguing chapter in the club’s history, with Pochettino at the helm and a renewed sense of optimism permeating throughout Stamford Bridge.

Mauricio Pochettino set to start his official work with Chelsea

Although Mauricio Pochettino’s official work with the Chelsea side will not commence until the summer, his appointment marks a significant milestone in his career. It is his first job since last summer and his return to the English Premier League since his departure from Tottenham Hotspur in November 2019.

The reaction from the Chelsea players regarding Pochettino’s appointment has been predominantly supportive. They are hopeful that Pochettino’s arrival will bring about positive changes and provide a fresh start for the team, potentially marking the end of Frank Lampard’s tenure.

The current season has been a disappointing one for Chelsea, with the team currently positioned in 11th place and trailing behind the rest of the top six clubs. Pochettino is fully aware of the magnitude of the challenge that awaits him as he takes charge at Stamford Bridge.

In addition to the on-field challenges, Pochettino will also have to address the issue of Chelsea’s bloated squad. The Argentine manager will likely have to make some difficult decisions regarding player transfers and team restructuring in order to optimize the squad’s efficiency and create a cohesive unit.

Overall, the appointment of Mauricio Pochettino brings a renewed sense of hope and anticipation to Chelsea. That is, as the club looks to turn their season around and regain their competitive edge. The players are eager to work under his guidance and will be looking to him for strong leadership and tactical acumen to lead them to success.


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