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Jamie Carragher Picks His Team Of The Season; Arsenal Fans Aren’t Happy

Arsenal fans are just not in the mood at present. They are really unhappy how things went down in the Premier League title race. And all of the Gooners across the globe wish that things were different. But, at the end of the day, it just isn’t!! And the reality is that, Manchester City are once again the champions of England.

Though there are some things that Arsenal fans can’t control, there are others that they can. And every Gooner can surely react to silly takes when they seen them. And so can the other fanbases across the Premier League and other footballing Leagues.

One such take was recently made by former Liverpool centre-back, Jamie Carragher. He picked his TEAM OF THE SEAON and posted it on his Socials. However, many fans, including Arsenal fans, were unhappy with his team.

Below Is Jamie Carragher’s Team Of The Season, Which Arsenal Fans And Other Rival Fans Did Not Seem To Be Happy With!!

Well, though other rivals were focusing on the fact that Carragher picked Alisson and made Haaland a winger to fit in Kane, Arsenal fans were angry that there were just two of their players in this side. The Gooners expected more players to be part of this team. This is due to the fact that their team was on top of the League table, for most of the season.

And it was expected for them to surely have more players. However, Jamie Carragher did not believe so. And it was the team that he picked and posted.

Multiple Reactions On Jamie Carragher’s Team Of The Season From Twitter!!

Here are some of them below!!

Well, at the end of the day, what’s done is done!! It can’t be changed now. And Carragher will have to live with some of these choices, which seem totally biased. At times, it’s just plain and simple embarrassing, the bias!!

Well, so be it. The fans get to decide what they want to agree on and what not. As it is, Carragher does not have the final say in the OFFICIAL ONE. And Arsenal fans will be patiently waiting for that TEAM OF THE SEASON!!


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