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Leaked: VAR Conversation For Kai Havertz Goal Against Liverpool; Fans Are Shocked

VAR doesn’t always give fans the answers that they need. There is always some dislike for the tool in itself and its implementation is not the best either in global football. However, one thing that surely helps is TRANSPARENCY. This is something that the fans always expect. And it’s the least that they want!! A VAR conversation for the Kai Havertz goal against Liverpool has now been leaked on Social Media.

In the audio clip, the referees and VAR are communicating. It was posted recently by a famous Twitter account (where we found it) and was eventually circulated rather quickly. The fans were finally happy to know what they had thought was right, was being reciprocated in the chat as well.

That is, before the right call was made in this instance. However, fans can never forget how VAR has screwed over each club, from time to time. No doubt about that!!

Below is the Tweet with the video embedded in it, about the incident!!

Well, at the end of the day, it is always good to have some clarity. The football fans have been demanding more of it and finally they did get some. So, this surely does do some good. But the timing is all wrong. Had this been found earlier than it was, things could have been different.

Does this clear conversation between the referee and VAR about the Kai Havertz goal help!?

Also, this was a rather, more or less, an open and shut case. The fans want more clarity in situations where the  uncertainty levels are higher. They want clear-cut explanations as to why things are the way that they are, without the excuses!!

In cases, when these aren’t delivered, the fans generally tend to react angrily. And that is why, they want to know about it. Rather than keep speculating on Social Media and have no end result to a meaningless debate, as the decision is already made.

With that being said, this does help the fans understand how referees and VAR think. At times, they do the right thing. On several other occasions, they tend to twist and turn facts, as to suit some sort of a narrative. Like, when they forgot to draw lines. Or when they missed a thing or two, calling it not CLEAR AND OBVIOUS.

At the end of the day, the referees in the top flight of English football get paid big money too. Their job is to make these big-match calls and make them right. There is a reason that these officials have been chosen. And there is an obligation for sure.

With that being said, only time will tell whether there will be more transparency or not!? For now, this is a big start. And hopefully, things are as clear in the future too, as the Kai Havertz goal. Let’s hope for the best and welcome this change (let’s just call it that for now)!!


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