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Manchester United Vs Chelsea: 3 Major Problems With Chelsea; Clearly Evident From The 4-1 Loss To Manchester United

Manchester United Vs Chelsea Review: As expected, the Blues were once again really poor on their travels. And there was no real fight put up by them. It was just another day for the Chelsea team in the office. They had no passion or commitment to get a result in their favour. All of them just wanted the season to end. And the home side made them pay for it!!

The game ended 4-1 and it was a goal fest for the United fans. They enjoyed themselves, as their team secured a Champions League spot. And this meant that Liverpool would not be playing in the competition in the upcoming campaign. Not something that the red-side of the Merseyside would have liked for sure.

Manchester United Vs Chelsea: With that being said, here are 3 major problems that Chelsea have had and the reason that they lost 4-1 against Manchester United!!

Pathetic Team Selection

The last time Kai Havertz scored in any competition, was against Everton, a team that sacked Frank Lampard. Graham Potter was still in-charge of the Blues. And it was more than 2 months ago, on the 18th of March. That’s like another era that has gone by. And since the arrival of Frank Lampard, he hasn’t put the ball in the back of the net.

Contrary to that, Joao Felix has been in way better form. Further, Hakim Ziyech is the player that Lampard said he really liked. Both of them were sitting on the bench watching this horror show. With no Raheem Sterling to save the team this time, it was essential that either one, if not both, started the match. However, that wasn’t the case.

To add to that, Lampard had Fofana on the bench as well. Once the game seemed like it had nothing much to offer, there could have been a quicker shuffle. As it is, the starting XI was dominated in the first half. At least the second half could have been different.

Plus, Chukwuemeka’s selection also was rather confusing. What was Lampard trying to achieve form this Manchester United vs Chelsea game!?

No Real Game Plan

The away team had no answers to the counter-attacking play of Manchester United. Generally, the Red Devils have just one major play; get the ball in your own half and counter as quickly as possible. Even I know of this!! And Lampard and co. did not defend well on the break. And gave away freebies to take shots and score cheap goals.

To add to that, there was no proper zonal or man-marking. And the likes of Rashford (on the left initially) and Bruno Fernandez were free to roam. There was no real physicality or determination to win the ball. And with such a performance, there can be only one result.

At the end of the day, after the Blues were tired of feeding Havertz the ball, with nothing to gain, Felix came on and got a consolation goal for his side. A player in much-better form was sitting on the bench and watching it. What a waste!!

Lack Of Ambition In Coach And Team; No Real Intent

Manchester United vs Chelsea had serious implications only for one team. The hosts needed to win this game to ensure that they played Champions League football next season. And they got the job done. It is Erik Ten Hag’s first season as the manager and he has done really well.

They will be playing in Europe’s top cup competition once again. And Liverpool will be playing in the Europa League. And this difference in winning-mentality cleared showed in the game. That’s the main reason that Lampard sat on his bench chewing gum and his substitutes played like they didn’t care either.

So, at the end of the day, the result was totally fair. If not for Joao Felix’s brilliant finish that led to a consolation goal, Manchester United vs Chelsea would have once again ended at 4-0, a scoreline that Frank Lampard will always remember!! Fortunately, for him, it ended 4-1!!


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