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Fact Check: “MLS Footballer” Jose Trolls Journalist Fabrizio Romano For Cooked Up Transfer Story!?

Fabrizio Romano is a top source with regards to all the latest happenings in the world of football. Whether it is the transfer news or any update, the Italian posts them all. Now, though the timing at times is questionable, with regards to who is first. But the factual nature of the news is generally never questionable.

However, it seems that Fabrizio Romano just proved to us that even he is HUMAN. And not GOD!! The MAN HIMSELF had made an error. And apparently a footballer had called him out on it.

Now, whether this was a SOURCE error or something else, is still not known. However, as per the self-proclaimed player and is verified id, the transfer story was just a rumour. And there is nothing concrete about it.

What Did The Fake Account Of MLS Footballer JOSE Post On Twitter After Reading The Story Put Out By Fabrizio Romano, About His Move To Join Rangers!!?

Well, Fabrizio Romano sent out a Tweet suggesting that Jose (the actual footballer) was moving to Scotland. He would be joining Rangers and that talks were progressing. And a deal was about to happen. Everyone monitoring the move thought so too. However, it seems that the case was something else!!

An hour after the news was put out by Fabrizio, an id claiming to be the player responded. And he wasn’t happy about this rumour, as he was totally in sync with his current club. And as per his Quoted Tweet, he is really happy with life in the US. Also, he added that he considers Rangers as a small club.

This was actually a brutal and savage mockery of the former SPL champs. Not something that a Rangers’ fan would enjoy. But surely, a Celtic fan would!!

Below is the Tweet-

But What Was The Actual Truth Of The Claim By Fabrizio Romano!?

As per our sources and correspondence from The 4th Official (T4O), the story is completely true. The id above is just a Galatasaray fan pretending to be the player. It is not actually Jose. And this guy really needs to get a life, as he is trying to impact the livelihood of an actual footballer!!

This isn’t funny. Neither for the actual player. Nor the club that he is planning to join, Rangers. He might even get sued once the deal is complete. We hope that it surely happens. Justice will be served.

For now, here’s a Tweet from the actual player’s id!!

Who Is Jose And What Do We Know About Him!?

Jose or Jose Cifuentes is an Ecuadorian midfielder, who wears the number 20 jersey for Los Angeles FC. He is 24 years old and has 13 appearances for the national team. He debuted for them back in 2019. And he is also part of their U-23 side.

Further, he made the move to LA back in 2020 and as per his Wikipedia page, he has 13 goals in 91 appearances for his team. As per the other claims, the player is really talented. And can add some quality to most sides. But it is clear that the id in question wasn’t the player’s id!!

That is the reason why he called Fabrizio Romano out on Twitter like that. It seems that the player is happy with the move that is in progress. Or could this just be a tactic to have a better move come his way, after gaining the attention of the entire world, which has surely noticed him now. Let’s wait and watch which club does Jose join eventually!!


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