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Tottenham Hotspurs Are Confident Of Buying Their Goalkeeping Target For £15 Million

Since joining Southampton, Gavin Bazunu has performed well. He may be available at the season’s conclusion. The Irish goalkeeper will be hoping to remain in the Premier League after Southampton’s demotion. According to Football Insider, Tottenham is confident in acquiring him for roughly £15 million.

Whether or not the North London Titans and Southampton can agree on a price in the coming weeks remains to be seen. It’s common knowledge that Tottenham needs to upgrade their goalkeeper this summer. Hugo Lloris, a club icon, has taken many steps back this season. His play has been a huge cause for worry for Tottenham.

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The Frenchman’s contract with the club is almost up as well, since he will be 36 this year. The Spurs should prepare for life when he becomes a free agent in 2024. This summer, the Spurs should try to get a starting custodian.

Despite Southampton’s relegation from the Premier League, Bazunu has shown his worth on the pitch for the club. Therefore, he has the potential to be a worthwhile investment for Tottenham in the long run. This summer’s signing might be a steal if they can keep the price tag under £15 million.

The 21-year-old will be looking to continue his growth with consistent Premier League action, which he will undoubtedly get at Tottenham. Spurs have had a lacklustre season so far. It seems like they will not make the cut for the Champions League.

In order to make a good comeback next season, they need to choose a competent manager at the conclusion of this one and address the holes in their roster. They should prioritize bringing in a solid goalkeeper and a handful of new defenders.

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Gavin Bazunu is one of the goalkeepers Tottenham Hotspur has their sights set on signing at the conclusion of the season

Bazunu’s career would greatly benefit from a transfer to Tottenham. He would be able to play with and learn from some of the best players in the world.

Timing and Tottenham Hotspur are two things that seldom go together. The north London club will always find a way to put a foot in their own mouth. The club’s actions on Friday only added to the pressure already on Ryan Mason to guide Spurs to a win against Aston Villa on Saturday if he wanted to keep his job as head coach permanently.

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The revelation that Tottenham had not met with Julian Nagelsmann, despite their appreciation for him, and had no intention of doing so since he was not a contender for them at this time surfaced less than 24 hours before a match that may determine their destiny in Europe.

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