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Watch: Fernando Torres Calls A Fan A Clown In The Game Against Real Madrid U-19s; After Getting Sent Off

Fernando Torres has been a hard-worker all his life. He has grown into one of the best strikers of his generation, through the ranks of Atletico Madrid and onto the grand stage. At present, he is the coach/manager of their U-19 side. One thing Torres has not really been known for is a wild-temper. Fans have never seen him really lose his cool and go off on someone.

Not until a recent incident that has gone viral. The fans couldn’t believe that this was the same striker that they saw in Spain and then at Liverpool and Chelsea. The guy who never really was an aggressive player during his time, lost his cool recently. That too, on a former Reds’ team-mate, who was on the opposite end of it.

Below Is The Video Of Fernando Torres Losing His Cool; Watch What Happens As He Is Sent Off!!

Well, Alvaro Arbeloa would surely not like the side of Fernando Torres that he got to saw. He might have not seen this version of his former team-mate before. But, rivalries can bring out the best and worst in people, for sure. And this was probably in the heat of the moment!!

Below is the video of the whole incident; see if it makes sense!!

Well, though Fernando Torres was not pleased with the decision, he had to go off. And there were some Real Madrid fans that were on his case.

The Former Atletico Madrid Player Did React To The Real Madrid Fans; He Even Called One Of Them A Clown!!

At the end of the day, footballers are human beings too. But this hot-tempered Fernando Torres was totally something else!! Don’t remember the footballer being this feisty on the pitch. He was more or less the GOOD BOY, though he did have his moments in some matches.

Well, whatever the reason for the change, some fans may really like this aggressive attitude. But, he would not want to get sent off like this again. It just hurts the morale of the team and the players. And the management also will not be pleased about this.

The manager or the coach is supposed to keep things in check. Such behaviour on a regular basis could mean trouble for Torres. So, a one-off thing is defendable. However, if he continues to be like this, it could hurt his career in the long-run. That is, if he wants to be take seriously in his new role!!

Let’s wait and watch to see how things develop now. This was a big game and big matches do tend to have such incidents. What matters now is to see how he can make amends for it!! And hopefully, no repetitions of the same!!


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