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Watch: Most Dangerous Penalty Kick Ever Taken; This Is Just Shocking!!

Most Dangerous Penalty Kick Ever!? Penalty kicks are supposed to be exciting, enticing and get the attention of the fans, always. However, one thing that penalty kicks aren’t really supposed to be, is DANGEROUS!! However, that is not to be the case for matches played in Europe’s top Leagues. And the big international matches or FIFA tournaments.

Despite that, fans these days do anything for attention. And to disrupt opposition players into making mistakes or doing something stupid. From throwing bottles, to point lasers, it’s all happening now.

To add to that, some fans in other countries, take things to another level. That’s when Football starts to become DANGEROUS. And that’s why we have found surely the MOST DANGEROUS PENALTY KICK taken in recent times!!

The Video Of The MOST DANGEROUS PENALTY KICK In Recent Times!!

There are many adjectives that are generally associated with PENALTY KICKS. But it is not often that one can call them DANGEROUS. However, watching a clip of a penalty from Albania would surely make you think again. Football is played and celebrated in different ways in different countries.

Whether people like it and agree with it or not, is a different thing. But at present, this shocking video has been doing the rounds!!

This is just bad. And totally unsafe for the players. Nothing like this should happen in a game of football. A sport that is called THE BEAUTIFUL GAME but at times doesn’t live up to the name!! Not the best example that is being set for the world to watch, especially the younger fans.

But, at the end of the day, we strive to improve. Not just as the governing bodies, but as fans as well!! And that is something that is not in the hands of some administrative individuals sitting in air-conditioned offices. It is up to the fans on the field and in the stadiums.

Why Such Penalty Kicks Are Seriously A Danger To The Good Spirit Of The Game!?

Football and any sport rather is about the good spirit of the game. If that is lost, there will be fights and much more chaos in matches. Such incidents are not the need of the day, with regards to any sport. The fans want a good and healthy competition in the match. However, controversy is not what any fanbase wants.

It only leads to further action, sanctions or bans and fines, to say the least. And it only goes from bad to worse from there. This is something that no one wants to see. And even governing bodies like UEFA and FIFA are surely against. Let’s wait and watch if things get better.

For now, it is what it is. And we at Beyond The Posts are trying our best to raise awareness on this matter. Hopefully, things can just get better and this is taken care of. That is the best that any football fan in any country can hope for!!


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