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Watch: Video Of An Arsenal Fan Begging For A Rule Change Goes Viral After Premier League Title Loss

A Crazy Arsenal Fan Theory!? Arsenal fans are still heartbroken about losing the Premier League title to Manchester City. The Gunners fought hard to make it a successful campaign by winning the top flight of English football, for the first time since 2004. However, that did not happen and the fans were really disappointed with the result.

The Gooners across the globe have been trying their best to find solutions to this problem. Many want Manchester City to get a ban for breaking the FFP rules. Others want other types of modifications to help Arsenal win the title. At the end of the day, every Arsenal fan has a different theory as to why his team deserves the League title.

But, the hard truth is that, it’s over. And no matter what, Manchester City are once again the Premier League champs. This will be their third title in a row. And there is really no stopping them at all.

Arsenal Fan Makes A Silly Appeal To The FA Out Of Desperation; Gooners Are Embarrassed!!

Talk about adding INSULT to INJURY. This is exactly what it feels like. When you watch a video of an Arsenal fan doing stuff that shouldn’t be on the INTERNET!! But at the end of the day, love and passion is something else. And everyone who loves Arsenal, at this point of time is desperate for a League title win.

Taking an L is not easy for everyone. And that is something that the fanbase figured out when they saw this video trend on Twitter!!

It’s miserably bad to see this kind of stuff on the Internet, as an Arsenal and football fan. Liverpool fans must have felt this too. They would have been feeling the same way, one season prior to their League title win. But Klopp delivered in the next campaign. Hopefully, similar is the case with Arteta too.

One Positive Thing For Arsenal That The Team And Fans Can Focus On Now!!

Arsenal will be returning to Champions League football after six-long years. This period has been hard for the Gunners. But at least every Arsenal fan will now be happy that their team is back. And that they will be going places once again. It is what every Gooner across the globe would have surely wanted and targetted, prior to the start of the current campaign.

And now, they will be getting their wish. Hopefully, the team can perform well in the competition and leave their mark. Further, there will be a need for quality reinforcements in the summer transfer window. Arsenal will be looking to add quite a few players to their squad at that point in time.

It will be interesting to see how Arsenal performs in the upcoming campaign. This season is all-but done and it is another trophyless campaign. However, every Arsenal fan knows that there are a lot of positives to be taken back home. They will just be hoping that Mikel Arteta and co. can make the most out of those and fast!!


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