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Arsenal Fan Shares A Shocking Update About The Moises Caicedo Deal

The Caicedo Update!? Every Arsenal fan wants the club to sign new talents. Among these, Moises Caicedo and Declan Rice are the top two priorities. The Gunners are keen on reinforcing their midfield. And this has been the focus for quite some time now. They have been looking for long-term, less injury-prone players to join the club and take charge.

Thomas Partey has been superb in taking control of the team’s play. He sits in midfield, carries the ball and controls the flow and momentum of a game. But, his fitness has always been a concern since the day he joined the club. And this has not helped their recent ambitions.

One of the main reason why Arsenal lost quite a few games at the wrong time this term, was because Thomas Partey was missing. Due to this, Arteta and co. decided to bring in Declan Rice and Moises Caicedo. The team is in need to two top midfielders, who can play week-in and week-out.

What Is The Latest Update On The Caicedo Transfer Saga!?

Well, there are many strange sources of information on Social Media platforms like Twitter. These give some real information at times. On other occasions, it just does not materialize to anything at all. With that being said, a recent Tweet was sent out by an Arsenal fan about the Caicedo transfer.

Now, whether there is any fact in it or just casual “attention-seeking”, we leave that up to you to decide. At the end of the day, your opinions matter as much as ours do!! And there is no way of being totally certain for sure!!

Well, at the end of the day, it is crucial for Arsenal fans that the player is signed. How Arteta and Edu get it done, is their choice. For now, everyone is just interested in bringing the player in.

Will This Deal Happen With All The Competition From The Premier League Big Clubs!?

There is a lot of competitiveness for Caicedo, who is wanted by top EPL clubs. The bidding war for this star is literally about to start. Chelsea have suggested that they don’t want this to happen. However, Brighton know that after the missed opportunity from the Mac Allister sale, they will want to cash-in on this one.

With that being said, things could get quite interesting soon. And the clubs will want to get his signature before it’s too late. Liverpool are also in the hunt along with the two London giants. This transfer saga could be really intense, with the competition for players these days.

All top Premier League clubs are seriously interested in adding new quality stars. Keeping that in mind, the evaluation of the midfield superstar will surely go up. And it is just a matter of time, before all the BIG GUNS come out blazing at each other, in order to secure the services of Caicedo in the current summer transfer window.


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