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Messi Transfer Saga: Barcelona All Set To Offer Lionel Messi A Way Back To The Nou Camp After La Liga Approval

Lionel Messi could be all set to make a return to Barcelona, as per the recent reports. It was confirmed today that the La Liga had approved the Catalan club’s idea, despite previous reports of them taking the help of MLS outfit Inter Miami to bring back the Argentine talisman.

Gerard Romero confirmed that the feasibility plan had been approved with the Spanish body in-charge and that La Liga had given the green-signal for the potential return. The Catalan outfit can now star off the transfer process. They have already signed Inigo Martinez. The Athletic Club defensive superstar will be a free agent and the move is done.

It also means Barca can bring back its World Cup winning hero if everything happens properly. Messi has been between Al-Hilal, Inter Miami and the Blaugranes, since this transfer saga began. He surely prefers Barca at present. But the attacker wanted to make a quick call on his future that hangs in the balance.

Leo will also join Barcelona on a Bosman move. He has already played his last game for PSG. And it is quite clear who the winners in this case will surely be!!

The Latest Update On The Lionel Messi Deal That Have Come Out Today!?

An early morning update came out that shocked the world. This confirmed that the La Liga was onboard with Barca’s feasability plan.

A few hours later came another update. And though we are quoting Managing Barca in the Tweets, the sources are clearly mentioned!!

Well, this could be great news for the club’s fans. That is if everything happens as per plan. Laporta had promised that he would make a return happen. And it seems that he is all set to deliver now. Whether or not, it is a good move, remains to be seen. For now, the Barcelona fans only want one thing, Lionel Messi back at the Camp Nou.

What Next For FC Barcelona And What Could Be The Plan For The Future!?

And they don’t really care how it happens, as long as it does!! He has been their HERO forever now and it’s hard to imagine Barcelona without Messi these days. With that being said, any aspirations that they have of winning the Champions League once again, get a huge boost with the return to Lionel Messi!!

That is something that Xavi and co. want to target in the upcoming seasons. It will not be easy but at least their chances do increase with this signing. And anyone and everyone in World Football knows it. Especially, after the 2022 FIFA World Cup that Argentina won.

Remember, it was Lionel Messi who took the mike at the Nou Camp and promised that the Champions League trophy would be returning to the club soon. Well, this could be his opportunity to make it happen once again. That is, before he eventually hangs up his boots once and for all!!


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