My letter to PM Narendra Modi- It is rightly said, “Like father, like son”. One spread the virus called Corona, while other spreads the virus called “HATE”. This is what India has been experiencing so far from a country called Pakistan. Whether it is killing our soldiers by violating cease-fires or about funding terrorist activities, the story is always the same. Pakistan utilizes the funding it receives well from its Sugar Daddy, China!!

Though it is not ethically or politically correct for some to say it, Suniel Shetty was right in “Main Hoon Na”. The veteran actor had a famous dialogue in which he said, “We have been in a state of war with Pakistan since 1947.”

Just that no one really says it out loud or it is depicted as more of a cold-war. Whether it is the violence in the valley or the exodus of the Kashmiri Pandits, we all know who is responsible for it. Sheen and Shikara are not just movies. They are the ground-level reality that every Kashmiri Pandit knows.

Further, every Indian (patriotic or not) knows who/which country funds all terrorist activities across the nation. Whether they accept the truth or not is a different thing altogether.

How 30 Yrs Ago, Kashmiri Pandits Became Refugees in Their Own Home

When a failed state which doesn’t recognize it’s own soldiers as prisoners of war can deflect questions of its self-sponsored and trained terrorists, why is India bothered to show its humanity? If showing our humanity is the concern we have already done enough for multiple countries across the globe.

Why do we need to show mercy to an enemy, who we know will backstab us at every upcoming opportunity? Whether it was the UN sessions in which they spit lies. Or the SAARC meet organized by you, where they brought up their Kashmir agenda. When has Pakistan done anything good in exchange for our humility?

We even let them rebuilt and gave them a chance after multiple wars where they were humiliated. What has changed? Nothing. They even kill our Hindu and Sikh brothers in their own country regularly. Yet, when we wanted to bring them back, this failed state started their anti-CAA propaganda across the globe. Does this enemy even deserve our mercy?

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To add to that, the Prime Minister of Pakistan sits on Twitter all day long to rant like an immature baby. He rants about India, Kashmir and how Narendra Modi wants to eliminate all of Islam. Imu (the joker) likes to talk about how the current Indian government is the biggest enemy of democracy. What is the point of entertaining such hollow words in their requests, which mean nothing in the end?

They take money from Kashmiri and Indian Muslims by multiple methods and use those funds to promote the ISI’s interests. Whether it is to grant them admissions in their colleges and universities (proven recently) or just train them to become killing machines, what good can come out of such a nation?

Are they ready to acknowledge and accept that they sponsor terrorism? Will they openly say that they are the terrorism capital of the globe? If not, then even we need to turn the other way for once. For once, we should show the world that not all decisions need to be made from the heart. Some need to be smart ones.

Not because we are inhuman or arrogant like China. But because the ball is in our court for once and we need to smash it. Play a move that for once can restore world peace. Rid the world of the shameless son that never learned.

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Let’s not do it just to prove a point. Maybe we owe this one small gesture, to the countless martyrs who sacrificed their Indian lives for the greater good. Pakistan does not have a right to point any fingers at us. Yet, let’s not be weak in this moment where we are stronger than some of the so-called developed nations.

This is our chance Mr. Prime Minister, to do something for the greater good of humanity. If Italy and other European countries can leave the old and save the young, why can’t we make a hard call? Why can’t we choose right over wrong? Let’s put India first Narendra Modi ji!!

Let’s ignore who do not deserve our attention. Not because we are inhuman. But because they chose to be. And if today, we try to show mercy. We will be funding our own demise for tomorrow. Let’s not be a Congress for once. The country voted with a majority for the BJP!!

If only they made medicines and doctors, rather than bombs and terrorists. The irony wouldn’t sting so much, now would it?