The End-Game Or Is It?

On 26th April 2019, an entire saga of twenty one movies met its most visceral denouement as Avengers: Endgame premiered on the silver screen. Russo brothers gave a most befitting end to the epic saga which pervaded across a decade. Despite drawing flak from a few criticasters across the globe, the movie shattered box-office records and went on to become one of the best super-hero movies ever made.

The movie didn’t have much of a storyline to offer but it had a torrent of emotions, surging deep through the veins of all Avengers chauvinists, who waited for this conclusion for the last ten years, latching on to the most infinitesimal cues, to every possible Easter eggs, to every probable arc that the comics had in store.

Panning from Cap’s wielding of Mjolnir to Stark’s visceral final words that cited, “I am Iron Man”, this movie paid an astronomical homage to the entire saga. It had its own share of smiles and tears, joys and sorrows, exultations and heartbreaks, and specially for zealots who have been a very close follower of the comics and the animated version of the coming together of all the superheroes, Cap’s war-cry of ‘Avengers, assemble’ turned the movie halls into electrifed stadiums.

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Mischief Personified?

Out of all the cacophony and pandemonium that engulfed the world about the superhero fad, Marvel very subtly ensured the survival of one of its most doted characters, who has played both hero and villain and has been an absolutely substantial presence to rock its canon.

We are talking about none other than the Casanova, Tom Hiddlestone who plays half-brother to the God of lighting, Thor Odinson. After he was strangled to death by the sheer brute brawn of Thanos in Infinity Wars, Avengers: Endgame saw him vanishing into the portal of oblivion, with the help of the Space Stone, that spilled on to the ground after a botched up attempt by Tony Stark to salvage it, in order to bring everyone back to life.

Despite the fact that Loki was supposed to remain dead, with the Space Stone in thrall to him, he will probably never be a part of the same timeline. With a never-ending gulf between Thor and Loki, we will be bracing for impact as Chris Hemsworth has extended his contract with Marvel.

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Dead Or Alive?

With Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 and with Thor’s fourth and fifth installment of his own spin-offs (along with Loki’s own TV series) looming on the horizon, Loki would be an absolutely emphatic figure, that has been a perfect blend of being a villainous knock-out to a deceptive saviour.

Though the communique is still to arrive, Marvel has very clearly alluded to the return of the God of mischief, as his re-introduction to the roster will probably open an arc to phase 4 Avengers.

Loki has always been a pompous figure that has concentrated more on bringing a parade to the destruction. Hence, with Thor still looming in the offing, the survival of Loki will leave the factions of Marvel divided, one that drools over the Mischief lord and the other that believes in the ultimate death of this haywire God. However, now with Loki alive, some intriguing watersheds await us all. Let the phase four begin.