The Joker Movie Theory About Batman- Being ardent zealots of comics, where superheroes have always been lionized and parents have advised their children to stop emulating the super-villains and anyone who symbolizes death and doom. It was flabbergasting to digest the magnificence of Injustice: Gods amongst us when it hit the stores. Probably one of the most epic oeuvres of DC, Injustice hit record sales within quick succession of its release. The symbol of Hope transformed itself into the tyrant ruling over the world, wherein the Caped Crusader with his bunch of comrades spanning from evil geniuses to sable magicians led an insurgency to quell the evil efforts of Superman.

The Joker Movie Theory That Actually Connects To The Origin Of The Batman

Similarly, there have been occasions, where Batman has been rendered as the masked antagonist pulling the strings behind the cabal of taking away father from daughter. Touted as the Dark Knight, Batman has been cast in front of us as the guardian of the night, the vigilante whose vigil keeps Gotham safe from the evils.

Batman turns 80 today and is still fighting crime and making money

Again, what meets the eye may not always be the truth. Just because Batman has been the guardian of Gotham, he has also been the face of death to zillions of people. Similarly, archaeologists have found remains of another Batman (read it Bat-God) in the Mayan codices. Known as Camazotz, he was the God of death, darkness and sacrifice in the Mayan pantheon.

With a robust physique of a man and the head of a bat, Camazotz was worshipped almost two thousand years back and was feared by the Mayans for his belligerent stance.

He is a rarety across the world and there isn’t much that you will read about him on Google, but if you are actually intrigued by the predecessor of Bruce Wayne’s alter-ego, feel free to pay a visit to the Museum of Copan in Honduras.

His specialities spanned from mysteries of life to death which is yet to be uncovered by the leading scientists of the world.

Camazotz Maya style Batman suit created by Mexican designer Kimbal

The root of Camazotz can be traced back to two ancient Mayan words which are ‘kame’, which means death and ‘sotz’ which means bat.

It’s A Well-Known Fact Through History And The Proof Is Real

Deifying of this terrific God emanated in Zapotecs of Oaxaca in Mexico. That is where the inhabitants of the civilization were thoroughly enthralled by the heroic and trendy appearance of our antiquated Batman.

Camazotz finally received his promotion. He rose through the religious ranks of Quiche, a Mayan tribe dwelling in the jungles of Guatemala and Honduras.

We humans keep on looking for our seven doppelgangers across the entire planet and Gods are not trailing by much. With the rise to prominence of Camazotz, the K’iche people quickly identified the deity with one of their own, known as Zotzilaha Chamalcan, who was the God of fire.

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Hero or villain, we humans have always been fond of presenting temples to the ones whom we adulate. Gotham is an overly expensive edifice for the K’iche to build to gift their Batman. They did manage to build an altar to deify the God of the dark. The Nahua horse-shoe shaped temples were allocated to the worship of Bruce Wayne’s great grandfather.

Now, a very renowned English maxim says, “If something exists on the planet, one page will surely be dedicated to this entity, no matter how titanic or how minuscule, he may be.” Camazotz is no exception to this century-old adage.

Joker Or Not: Batman All The Way; Everyone Knows Who Is Batman

Popol Vuh, the text that recounts the chronicles of the K’iche tribes. It has given us a brief vignette of our century-old Batman. Now if you are reading Popol Vuh that is the Suicide Squad version of Camazotz. In Popol Vuh, Camazotz is referred to as winged monsters.

These were tamed by the heroic duo of Hunahpu and Ixbalanque. This was during their trials in the subterranean terrain of Xibalba.

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Bruce Wayne was always your poster boy. He used to splatter wealth on the face of the wealthiest. Is it an acquired gene from his ancestry? I guess so. Camazotz was worshipped on altars made of pure gold. They were pointed towards the east.

We all know the dogma of nature. One who can create can also destroy. The Nahua priests worshipped the Bat-God for health. He was believed to possess the panacea for all the diseases of the world. Yet, he was feared to have the power to obliterate all the life forces of the world.

By the way, is Joker already not knocking on the door? He soon will be. Batman may contemplate a quick deliberation with his great grandfather. That is about subjugating the clown prince of Gotham. Till then, relish Joaquin Phoenix’s rendition of the clown and how he may just be Bruce’s “lost” brother.